By David Freedlander 1/25
The Islamic Circle of North America called on police commissioner Ray Kelly to resign today, after more revelations about an anti-Islamic film screened for NYPD officers came out.

On Monday, The New York Times revealed that the film, “The Third Jihad” had been screened on a “continuous loop” for over a thousand police officers, even though the NYPD brass had previously said it had only been shown a couple of times to a few officers. The movie contains footage of attacks from Islamic radicals, and the narrator tels the audience that “The true agenda of much of Islam in America …[is]…A strategy to infiltrate and dominate America.” The film contains interview clips of Mr. Kelly, but Mr. Kelly’s spokesman said that the footage was archival. Today, The Times revealed this to be false, and that in fact Mr. Kelly sat down for an interview with the filmmaker.
“We call on Mayor Bloomberg to either fire Commissioner Kelly or ask for his resignation,” said the president of ICNA, Zahid H. Bukhari.” The NYPD under Kelly’s leadership has allowed a blatantly racist, Islamophobic film to be used to train over 1,489 police officers. This film was also produced by individuals and groups with ties to anti-Muslim hate groups. This type of clandestine behavior by the NYPD not only violates the civil liberties and civil rights of Muslim Americans but calls into question the integrity of a police force that is sworn to protect thousands of law abiding Muslim Americans and other ethnic communities who live in New York City.”
Mr. Bukhari said he believed that the film would lead to an increase in Islamophobia.
Yesterday, Mr. Bloomberg said the airing of the film revealed “terrible judgment.”
The Islamic Circle of North America is a 40-year-old Muslim organization devoted to ”educating its growing membership about Islam, the goal being to adhere to Islamic values amongst a religiously diverse community, according to its website.
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  1. Aren’t the police suppose to protect us irrespective of our race,color, faith and beliefs. If the police is trained to see through prejudiced glasses, then who will uphold the constitution. Wasn’t this country founded on the basis of freedom of religion and speech?
    Then let’s get up and uphold the constitution, and not let the hatred and prejudice of few take over the entire nation. It’s not about Muslims or any other religion any more, it’s about the basic human rights , liberties and Constitution .

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