The Islamic Circle of North America NY, a leading grassroots Muslim Organization is proud to introduce a new and exciting educational venture, The Islamic Learning Foundation, ILF, an educational Islamic institution based in New York. The main objective for ILF is enriching the lives of Muslims in general and Muslim Youth in particular by educating their minds and affecting their hearts with sound knowledge of Islamic Shariah thus deepening their awareness of Islam as a universal and eternal way of living for mankind and providing a new caliber of Muslim leaders.

       Most Muslims get their Islamic knowledge from Islamic lectures, listening to audio-video tapes, Islamic conferences and conventions and/or weekly Jumuah Khutbahs. There are very few institutions and programs that can provide quality Islamic education for Muslims and even the existing Islamic educational programs today can be very costly with very limited space. The venture of ILF is a timely effort to fill this vacuum. ILF seeks to provide serious Islamic educational experience that will take learning beyond the setting of halaqahs and/or lectures and bring Islamic knowledge into a formal classroom thus adding professionalism and excellence to our programs.

       ILF has appointed Sheikh Dr. Ahmed Nezar Kobeisy a highly qualified Islamic scholar as the Director and resident scholar. He has developed a unique curriculum providing quality higher education in Islamic sciences such as Quranic studies, Hadith studies, Fiqh, Sunnah, Arabic language, and the contemporary issues facing the Muslims today.

      The ILF team invites your serious attention to this worthy cause and asks for your moral and financial support. Allah says in the Quran in (66:6) "O you who believe; save yourself and your families from the fire…" Our beloved Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him said " No one has given his children anything better than teaching them their Deen"

( Tirmizi)

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