LOS ANGELES, California (February 10, 2011) – ICNA Relief is pleased to announce its 2nd annual fund raising dinner at the Yorba Linda Community Center in Yorba Linda, CA this Sunday, February 13. The theme of the evening is “Our Responsibility towards Our Neighbors: An Islamic Perspective.”

Attendees will benefit from inspirational lectures from Imam Siraj Wahhaj and Imam Amir Abdel Malik, both of whom have played a strong and active role in addressing community issues. A portion of the funds will go to the Yorba Linda community to assist in programs like hunger prevention.
Right wing groups such as the Tea Party and “Act for America” plan to protest this dinner and have asked their members to pressure the City of Yorba Linda to cancel the event entirely. “Act for America” is infamous for its Islamophobic views—one of their most recent campaigns in Southern California involved an attempt to remove positive information about Islam from school textbooks. Both groups have cited speakers Imam Siraj Wahaj and Imam Amir Abdel Malik as well as ICNA as anti-American. ICNA Southern California requests the Muslim community to counter such hate mongering by attending and supporting ICNA Relief’s fund raising dinner which will be from 5:30 to 9:00 PM. RSVP today by sending an email to events@icnasc.org or visiting http://icnasc.org/ir11.
ICNA Relief is a branch of the Islamic Circle of North America that provides local disaster relief and social services to under-served populations within the United States. Our many projects include women’s housing, hunger prevention, family counseling, medical aid, emergency financial support and funeral and burial assistance. For more information on ICNA Relief please visit http://icnarelief.org.

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  1. I was appaulled at the hate mongers yelling rude and ignorant phrases. please direct me to a source where i may get unbiased information on the ICNA. I am a White Christian Male American Help me to understand. Peace

  2. I am so sorry to see so many hate filled people showed up and harassed so many good people who are doing good things. Please know that these protesters are a MINORITY of people, that there are many of us who do NOT hate, and applaud your great work in Yorba Linda to help the poor and needy. I was appalled and disgusted by the behaviour I witnessed on that video. Please know that you are all appreciated, and much loved for your hard work. You are much blessed and people all over the country thank you and open their hearts to your kindness. Regards, Mrs. Brown in Michigan

  3. I just saw the video of the “protestors” at your fundraiser. I’m a white, 20 yr old, southern californian male and I while I can’t speak for the rest of my “race” I would just like to apologize.
    I was absolutely disgusted at what I saw. Those people are the scum of the earth. While I don’t share the same religion as you, I don’t see any excuse for what they said and did. This is about more than religion, this is about PEOPLE. Those families had done no wrong, those children had done no wrong, and i’m sure your organization had done no wrong. Those people do NOT represent the majority of us, they are ignorant, racist, uninformed RADICALS. Our country would be better off without THEM, not without YOU.
    For whatever its worth, I apologize. No words can take back the atrocities you and your families had to endure but please, please don’t take the words of those pigs as the words of the majority. There are many people within the community that, while they may not believe in the same thing as you, appreciate your presence not only for diversity, but also for peace and understanding of one another.
    Whether you pray to the “Majority’s” god, another God, or no god at all. We are all still people. People that need to care, respect, and love each other regardless of religion. Just know that there are those here who wish you the best in life.
    Deepest apologies and best wishes&love to you and yours.

  4. It seems that politicians like to take advantage of the ignorance of their constituents by holding “protests” like the one on 2/13. It sickens me to see so much hate in the world, but especially in my own country, which was founded by people escaping persecution. Hate that is used to win votes, to keep ignorant people under control. Rather than opening up a dialogue and discussing things like rational, mature adults, they act like a bunch of foolish apes. I’m sorry that you and your children had to witness such hatred during an event that would help the community.

  5. I live in Yorba Linda and my son who is a freshman at West Point angrily posted on Facebook about how he was ashamed of his hometown. I watched the video and was appalled. I don’t understand why you picked a speaker who is a Holocaust denier because I think that just gave the xenophobes an excuse to spew their hatred of anything Islamic. But, when I listen to the video I don’t hear anyone yelling about the speaker. Their screams are just anti-Muslim. They think Muslim and terrorist are synonyms. I wish I could tell every Muslim there that this isn’t a majority opinion. I posted the same sentiments about how idiotic it is to blame 1.57 billion Muslims for the actions of a fraction of a percent of fanatics on Facebook. I’m a 58 year old white male teacher and coach and many friends have seconded my opinion. My wife contacted one of my ex-students who teaches Muslim/Middle Eastern studies at Occidental College in L.A. to get resources to study and refute the lies we hear around us. I do know the more contact people have with Muslims, the more understanding there will be. I have Muslim kids in class and their classmates don’t share that intolerance. Also, my youngest son has gone to the local Mosque with his Muslim friend. My oldest son, another West Point grad, did two tours in Baghdad and brought his interpreter, Mustapha, back to the United States with him. He was a great young man. Sorry this is so long but the injustice of the situation really bothered my family.

  6. I’m wondering why ICNA offers a platform to an Imam who spews anti-Semitic hatred.
    Especially coming not even two years after its supposed denunciation of Imam Alwaki for his own hateful rhetoric.
    Essentially it bankrupts this organizations claim that it is against hatred and violence.

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