Jamaica, NEW YORK (August 31, 2010) – Given the volatile political and social climate we are experiencing all around the country, a national grassroots coalition of American Muslims asks you to do something special this Eid – invite your family, friends and community to be part of a nationwide effort to spend the anniversary of 9/11 in service to your neighbors and your city.

Last summer, American Muslims participated in more than 3,500 community service projects all around the country as part of President Obama’s “United We Serve” campaign. On September 11th, let’s show that we can rise above prejudice and hatred and be the kind of conscientious citizens who give back to our country through the national “Muslim Serve” campaign.
Muslim Serve” is about demonstrating how our Islamic values inspire us to serve humanity, and is meant to highlight the great contributions that the Muslim community has provided and continues to provide our great nation.” The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) is proud to endorse this campaign, and we encourage you to participate in your community.
Muslims Serve Call to Action 2010
Click here to join the MuslimServe Facebook page to get ideas for and share projects.

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  1. salamu alaikum I live in Hamtramck mich and go al-gazaly masjid and islamic center of hamtramck what can we do

  2. As salaamu alaykum,
    I hope you are not doing serve muslim day just to apease the non believers. If you really want to serve the community, go to the parts of the city where help is really needed for instance inside of the poor minority neighborhoods. Not a food pantry that has been set up by non-believers just to be seen.

  3. Can we Californian dot the same what Minisota people did for the fair goers. Pass out the phample @ the Pamona Fair which opend today

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