JOPLIN, MO (May 25, 2011) – The deadliest single twister in the US since 1947 hit Joplin, Missouri on Sunday. ICNA Relief’s disaster response team begins distributing truck load of basic supplies to the victims.

123 people have been confirmed dead and 750 injured, while many more missing. The high-velocity whirl of wind also destroyed about 2,000 buildings.
ICNA Relief has established a point of distribution at the local Islamic center which was not hit by the tornado.
Rescuers in Joplin vowed to work as long as possible through the night searching for survivors. “There is always hope that you will find someone alive,” said Dan Crain, city spokesman.
Authorities said they were racing against the prospect of more bad weather as well as grim survival odds for anyone still trapped after the tornado uprooted trees, twisted cars into heaps of metal and destroyed homes, churches, schools and a line of restaurants and businesses. “Pretty much everybody in town knows somebody they’ve lost,” said Jay Nixon, Missouri Governor. It was the latest in a string of powerful storms this spring that have killed more than 300 people and caused more than $2bn in property damage across the US.

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ICNA Saddened by Death & Destruction Caused by Storms
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  1. Assalamu’alaikum
    About natural disasters in the United States, the events were in addition to natural phenomena is a warning from God, so that they can contemplate to always remember the greatness of Allah and fear Allah, to him. victim’s family may be given patience and sincerity. I am also very pleased to team ICNA has helped with a very good job. greetings from Indonesia.

  2. AsSalaamu alaykum, This is not to be published on the site, it is to ICNA. You all should stop showing pictures of uncovered women, as you will get a sin for every man who looks at the uncovered women in these pictures. And the muslimah is not covered correctly either. Allaah commands and DEMANDS that muslimaat wear a JILBAAB, and Allaah knows what HE says,, He did not say jeans and a loose shirt. And ALLAAH has PROHIBITED women from walking in between men, as PROPHET MUHAMMAD SAWS said.. it is not allowed for women to have the middle of the road, they should take the sides, ( away from men, saheeh hadeeth ). So, please look to WHO you are disobeying. And WHY do you all have to show women ? WHAT are you trying to prove with this disobedience, you are fooling no one except your own selves. Allaah forgives those who REPENT. I pray that you all get guided and repent. Wa salaamu alaykum JC

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