JAMAICA, New York (February 19, 2008) – Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) a leading grassroots organization of American Muslims congratulates Kosovo on its newly acquired independence. ICNA also commends the United States government for acknowledging the  sovereignty of the state of Kosovo, which was previously a province of Serbia. It’s only a matter of time that other countries will also come forward to accept Kosovo as an independent state.

Kosovar Muslims have suffered through ethnic cleansing and have survived genocide. The international community must stay committed to helping to maintain peace and order in the Balkans.
The Muslims of Kosovo should educate themselves on the rights of minorities living under Muslims and should ensure that ethnic Serbs living in Kosovo are given their due rights and are allowed to practice their religion(s) freely.
It is indeed a historic day for humanity and especially for the Muslim Ummah to see Kosova becoming an independent country after its long, valiant struggle and enormous sacrifices. We pray to Allah (SWT) for those who have sacrificed their lives and for those who have suffered tremendously in their struggle against tyranny and ethnic cleansing. We congratulate their heroism and victory. May Allah (SWT) continue to grant their leadership Sabr (steadfastness) and Hikmah (wisdom) to run the affairs of their country in the righteous manner with a spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood and forgiveness for all. Aameen.
We also pray for all the suffering people around the globe, especially for the people of Palestine and Kashmir who are struggling against occupation, oppression and injustice. May Allah (SWT) grant them freedom and allow them to live with peace, dignity and Imaan (faith).

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