By Chris Hauff (WCIV), ABC4 News
CHARLESTON, SC (Aug 12, 2012) – Heading back to school just got a whole lot easier for hundreds of Lowcountry children, thanks to the Shifa Women’s Clinic and the Islamic Circle of North America.

Two hundred free book bags full of pencils, crayons, rulers, paper, notebooks, and anything else a child would need, were given away on King Street in Downtown Charleston Sunday afternoon.
The children even got to choose their own color book bag- red, blue or black.
This is the month of Ramadan for Muslims, where giving to charity is encouraged and followers of Islam fast from sunrise to sunset.
“We are blessed to be in this community and really happy that the people came over and supported us. That’s our primary objective is to be a productive citizen and I’m so glad people are helping us to be that,” said Rashna Kahn, Medical Director for the Shifa Women’s Clinic.
The children were delighted to have the tools they need to start the school year off on the right foot and showed their thanks for the donations by thanking the organizers.
Article Courtesy: ABC News 4

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  1. Bilingual Muslims children have a right, as much as any other faith group, to be taught their culture, languages and faith alongside a mainstream curriculum. More faith schools will be opened under sweeping reforms of the education system in England. There is a dire need for the growth of state funded Muslim schools to meet the growing needs and demands of the Muslim parents and children.There are hundreds of state primary and secondary schools where Muslim pupils are in majority. In my opinion all such schools may be opted out to become Muslim Academies. This mean the Muslim children will get a decent education. Muslim schools turned out balanced citizens, more tolerant of others and less likely to succumb to criminality or extremism. Muslim schools give young people confidence in who they are and an understanding of Islam’s teaching of tolerance and respect which prepares them for a positive and fulfilling role in society. Muslim schools are attractive to Muslim parents because they have better discipline and teaching Islamic values. Children like discipline, structure and boundaries. Bilingual Muslim children need Bilingual Muslim teachers as role models during their developmental periods, who understand their needs and demands. IA

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