Muslim ACT : Goals and Objectives

The Muslim ACT Project has been designed to improve immigrant ability to access a range of 9/11-related services. This goal will be achieved through our provision of  individual crisis counseling and referrals, workshops and culturally competent and intensive self-help groups for clients  in their local communities. 


1. Coaching and counseling at least 25 survivor families    
2. Coaching, counseling and referrals for 150 of our current clients
3. Peer-group self-help sessions for 70 clients per month (840 for the year)
4. Referrals and social services to 100 new cases
5. In November of 2004 each crisis counselor will individually meet with atleast 15 clients per week to assess need
6. In November 2004, each Crisis Counselor will escort 5 clients to services
7. Culturally-specific group empowerment meetings, with West African and S. Asian family members will continue throughout the year (targeting (70 – 100 family members)
8. A female crisis counselor will work with women’s groups and social activities for 7 months serving 50 women per month
9. Each counselor/trainer will visit an average of 4 diverse masjids per week in  rotation, facilitating workshops, support groups and community education
10. 30% of the counselors’ time will be consumed with community education and training regarding access to services. Some training will include stress reduction and navigating municipal social services
11. Staff will facilitate entry of trainers from other agencies (who are usually turned away from  masjids)
12. Counselor/educators will be responsible for design of outreach program and supervision of outreach workers
13. The masjids to be visited/serviced, will be based on the percent of those affected by the disaster
14. Outreach staff will visit at least 6 masjids per week
15. Outreach workers will compose a needs assessment tool (our survey?)     
16. A basic orientation and an interaction to be given at 25 or more masjids to be given to 1300 or more family members and to 40 Imams  and community leaders to serve 85% immigrant residents
17. Informational material should reach 13, 000 men, women and children at these masjids and 5,000 after Juma’a each week

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