By KTSM Staff, Dec 29, 2018
EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – With winter weather in full effect, a non-profit Muslim charity from Dallas sent a team to El Paso to provide free medical exams to migrants.

The National Muslim Charity organized a mobile clinic at a South-Central El Paso shelter Saturday afternoon.
The organization also distributed blankets, winter clothing, and other supplies.
Clinic leaders say they’ve treated 13 sick families so far, including an infant they sent to the emergency room.
“If there was no professional care, it would have turned out worse for him,” Dr. Aasia Khan told KTSM. “As we’ve heard in the past, many kids have not done well in these facilities without any medical care and…without the relief care that’s been provided to them, it would not have been a very good outcome for that infant.”
Organizers say the infant is currently in better condition.
The charity is back on its way to Dallas, but says the physician and other local volunteers will continue to help.
“Local groups of volunteers and migrant families were very thankful to ICNA Relief USA & ICNA Council of Social Justice team for coming out here all the way from Dallas and helping the stranded migrant families in dire need,” Dr. Khan said.
If you want to help the nonprofit with any donations online you can click here.
Article Courtesy: KTSM

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