On Sunday, October 14th the Muslim community of Dallas/Fort Worth gathered for an unprecedented and auspicious event at Six Flags over Texas. An estimated 9,000 Muslims gathered at the theme park in Arlington, Texas to enjoy a day of family-fun.

On this day the DFW Muslim community showed their solidarity and unity by participating in this event. This is the first time in DFW’s history that the Muslim community gathered in such a large number in one location for a day of fun.

Families from Houston, Tyler, Oklahoma, New Orleans and other surrounding cities joined in on the fun of the bone-chilling excitement and wonderful rides of Six Flags. The park was packed with sisters in Hijabs and brothers with Kufis and beards.

Families gathered at the Music Mill Theater for Zabiha/Halal food and prayers. The Adhan for each prayer and the prayers itself engulfed the entire theater. The Music Mill theater is a place for concerts, but for the first time in the history of its establishment it was converted into a place of worship. The crowd also got the opportunity to hear some beautiful recitation of the Quran from our best community members.

Delicious Moroccan and Indo-Pak food was made available on that day, though some of the lines were long due to the excellent attendance. Alhamdulillah everyone enjoyed and took pleasure in the food. The park shined with Muslim brotherhood, reminding us all that we can have fun if we are responsible and are aware of our limits.

The DFW Muslim community really exemplified what a true Muslim is, and we hope and pray that this event left an excellent impression on the other folks that attended that day, and showed everyone the excellent character of a true Muslim. This event was arranged solely for the purpose of good, healthy entertainment, and we can honestly say that we did serve our purpose.

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