Muslim Family Services in Detroit, MI, is a division of ICNA Relief. ICNA Relief is a social welfare department of Islamic Circle of North America, for implementation of relief and community development projects.

Our Mission
"We assist and facilitate in the attainment and flourishing of the families based on Islamic teachings by educational, counseling, and liaison services."

*     Workshops for married couples, youths & parents (Conventions/ Islamic Centers/ Schools)
*     Reply email and telephonic questions about family matters
*     Quarterly Newsletter — Nationwide mailing to Islamic Centers; Distribution in Metro-Detroit
*     Website — Q&A, Newsletters, Articles, Reports, Donation
*     Training of Imams and community leaders for family counseling
*     Publish books — Q&A book, subject-matter booklet
*     Develop videos — ICNA Convention workshops

*     Pre-marriage counseling
*     Marital Counseling
*     Parental Counseling
*     Psychiatric counseling

Emergency Services
*     Screen applications for emergency help and provide bills payment support
*     Ramadan food basket program

Foster Parenting
*     Be a information bank
*     Awareness lectures
*     Maintain list of potential foster parents

*     Liaison with family courts in Metro-Detroit cities
*     Liaison with foster parent agency
*     Liaison with state social service department
*     Research family issues and develop Islamic solutions
*     Become a subject matter resource center for mainstream and ethnic media
*     Establish subject matter resource relationship with Detroit Public School Board
*     Establish partner relationship with major Metro-Detroit Muslim Communities
*     Staff training — courses, conferences
*     Develop volunteer resources from community
*     Staff recruitment
*     Longterm planning and monitoring

Financial Health
*     Seek funding from local Islamic Centers for MFS
*     Seek funding from local Islamic Centers for emergency help services
*     Write grant proposals to City and private foundations

*     Good housekeeping
*     Courteous customer service
*     Organized customer and internal records
*     Accurate record keeping — monthly, six monthly & annual reports
*     Timely organizational meetings

1. To create awareness and educate the Muslim Community about family issues in America through seminars, lectures, khutubas, newsletter, articles and providing literatures.

2. To provide pre-marriage and marital counseling services by religious ands professional counselors.

3. To represent the Muslim Community regarding Islamic and family related issues in Family Courts.

4. To assist in foster parent services, shelter, food and financial support to the needy families.
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What Do We Do?

1. Our area of focus is spousal relations, adolescence development and parent-adolescent relations.

2. We organize educational seminars with the cooperation of Islamic Centers. Our series of seminars range from a weekend (Saturday and Sunday) to five weeks (two-three hours each week). One-day seminar could also be arranged. Please contact our office if you like to arrange a seminar in your community.

3. We publish a quarterly newsletter for educational purposes. Send (email) us your name and address if you like to receive a copy of our newsletter.

4. We provide written answers to family related questions. One could email us questions through our website. The website contains answers to all previously asked questions, a moderated discussion forum and other educational material. We request to thoroughly look for answers to your questions on the website prior to sending question(s) to us.

5. We provide individual confidential pre-marriage and marital counseling. Anyone could schedule an appointment for such service by calling our office. We also conduct audio counseling sessions over telephone.

6. We are a resource contact to the local Family Court about Muslim family related issues. One could request our service through the Court or by directly contacting us.

7. We provide all services free of charge regardless of race, gender or nationality.

About Muslim Family Services …..Overview

Muslim Family Services, Detroit is a division of ICNA Relief. ICNA Relief is social welfare department of Islamic Circle of North America, for implementation of relief and community development projects.

Muslim Family Services was established in Detroit in Fall of 1998.

About Our Director
Sheikh Ali Sulaiman Ali has received his basic Sharia education from University of Madina, Saudi Arabia. He received his Ph. D. in Islamic Studies from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Sheikh Ali has been active in educational and philanthropic activities in southeast Michigan for approximately last twenty years. He also gives courses on Islamic studies and other related topics at different Universities.

Discussion Forum — Share Your Experiences & Thoughts

Please email us your experiences, comments, ideas or articles regarding spousal relations, adolescence development and parent-adolescent relations. We would like to share it with others via our newsletter and/or web page under Article section. We delete all identification for questions and comments prior to publishing on print or web. This website is monthly updated and new questions/articles are added.

Press Contact: Naeem Baig
Vice President for Public Affairs
Islamic Circle of North America
E-mail: ICNA PR Email
Office: (718) 658-1199 Extension: 102
Cell: (917) 202-2118

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  1. Asslamu alaikum brothers and sisters,
    Masha’a Allah you are doing very important and needed services may Allah swt reward you immensely for all your hard work!
    My background is in clinical psychology and Islamic studies, and counseling is my full time job. Please see our website to get an idea about what we do. I would like to talk to Dr. Ali Sulaiman to see if we can collaborate,cooperate and help one another in providing better services to Muslims as Allah swt coomands us in the Qur’an “…Help one another in virtue, rightesouness and peitey…” Al-Maidah, 5:2. My phone #:. my e-mail adress:.
    Wasslamu alaikum. Kamal Shaarawy

  2. Asaalamu Alaykum
    My name is Sis. Consuelo Yero and I am writing today concerning an urgent matter I have been trying to get help with without any success. I am currently a single mother of 6 and my children and I are in a homeless situation. I need assistance with saving my personal property that is in storage. If I am not able to pay it I have a certified letter showing that my belongings will be auctioned on 19 Jan 2011.
    InshaALLAH anyone willing to help this Sister, Please contact the ICNA office or ICNA Relief office and please mention this sister’s name and email address mentioned above.
    Telephone: (718) 658-1199
    Fax: (718) 658-1255
    Mailing Address:
    Islamic Circle of North America
    166-26 89th Ave
    Jamaica NY 11432

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    Salam Aleikom
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  4. As sallamu alaikum
    Iam seeking marriage counseling in the new york city area. Any referral will be helpful. May Allah reward you for your good Ameen

  5. Assalmwalekum, sir I am a businessman from mumbai, I m looking for 2nd marriage in america,,, if any divorcess woman I m interested,,, I want to open a tissue paper converting industries in america,,, allah hafiz

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