20 Sep 2010, MYFOXNY.COM – Muslim leaders from around the country held a summit Sunday in New York. Then Monday, they gathered to call for a national week of dialogue in October to stem what they feel is a rising tide of intolerance toward Muslims. They are also asking mosques across the country to open their doors to people of all faiths.

“We have more than 2,000 mosques and asking them all to open their mosques,” said Dr. Zahid Bukhari of the Islamic Circle of North America.
The Muslim leaders representing about 60 mosques and Muslim organizations want the doors open the week beginning October 22 to promote healing and understanding and to quell concerns about the controversial mosque in Lower Manhattan.
“We stand for the constitutional right of Muslims, and Americans of all faiths, to build houses of worship anywhere in our nation as allowed by local laws and regulations,” the Muslim leaders said in a statement delivered at the site of the proposed Islamic center and mosque, to be called Park51.
The group also says the public needs to know that Muslim prayer spaces are not anything new at Ground Zero. Imam Talib Abdur-Rashid of the Islamic Leadership Council of New York said that the south tower of the World Trade Center had a Muslim prayer space.
The Muslim leaders are hoping the open houses in October will encourage the public to observe or participate in prayer service and learn more about Muslims to break down the wall of suspicion and fear.
However, Imam Mahdi Bray, who spoke at the news conference, has been a lightening rod in the past. He is the same man seen in a 10-year-old video ago pumping his fist in the air and cheering in support of the terrorist group Hamas.
But Monday, Imam Bray said that the video clip was taken out of context and that his focus has always been to support civil rights.
The group is hoping that opening the mosques to the public will be a powerful step toward healing and understanding.
Article Courtesy: Fox News NY

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  1. There are a lot of things Muslims have to do to integrate into the mainstream, and unfortunately these have not been done. First of all they must improve the image of women in Muslim world. Secondly, they must take non-Muslims with them. It is not enough to say, Islam honors other faiths when Hindu, Buddhists, Ahmadiyyas, Agakhanis, Bohras, Khojas are being targetted in Pakistan by Hadood and Blasphemy laws. Thirdly, they must bring equality between men and women, speak against marriage between old men and girls less than 18 yrs of age. They must openly talk against Sharia law which is so much against equality between men and women and between people of different faith. Muslims must ask Saudi Arabia to stop harassing non-muslims carrying their religious books, and trashing those books into shredders and trash cans. Muslims must protect non-Muslims and their religous sites where they are in majority.

  2. The only thing providing fodder for comments like that ^ is that Muslims have neglected to uphold the shari’ah, the whole pure shari’ah rather than picking and choosing. Saudis and western muslims have perverted the shari’ah in the most heinous ways…

  3. Before providing a detailed prescription what Muslims need to do to his view of integration into mainstream…my question is whose mainstream. Is it the mainstream defined by the economic and military superpowers? Is it the mainstream defined by which faith has the most followers? Is it the mainstream defined by which country one is in?
    About protection of non-Muslim religious sites, I bring the issue of Ayodhya destruction of a mosque there. What Pakistan or India does internally should really not be what one needs to counteract in other countries or regions, but rather done independently and that is what Muslims are trying to do in the west….show what mainstream Islam and Muslim is about…and not what assuages or appeases non-Muslims with sugarcoated Islam….the real Islam does not need sugarcoating to make it palatable to others….it already is….if one opens one’s mind to see broadly that having tunnel vision.

  4. Whom Dr. Bukhari is trying trick or trying to kid, by his suggestion that Muslims should open the Masjid doors to Muslim, Can he say the same thing to the so called Islamic king of Saudi Arabia to let people of other faith than Muslim go to Mecca & Madinah. Can any non Muslim enter into those cities let alone go to the Masjids of those cities? Can anybody answer me including Dr. Bukhari.

  5. I see some hindus are getting into the mix ,funny how the pot is calling the kettle black .
    As far as opening up mosques should not the House of God be open and welcoming of everyone ,especially who need God into their lives. Can’t wait for Muslims to clean up their mosques for the occasion hopefully one day they will clean up their act.

  6. Shuja, why would a non-muslim want to go to Mecca and Medina? What does that have to do with anything? If there was something wrong with non-muslims entering masaajid, then the Prophet (saw) wouldn’t have allowed it, and his is the best example.

  7. There are many questions but good interest about the open mosque program.
    1. How do we know which mosques are participating?
    2. What are the hours and days the mosque(s) will be open to non-Muslims?
    3. Are there special ‘rules’ for non-Muslims entering a mosque?
    4. Are women allowed inside?
    Thank you for providing some of this information if you are able.

  8. Chris, I’m not sure when you posted your comment but I hope you’ll see this reply.
    That link has a list of a few mosques to participate in NYC. Maybe someone working with ICNA or another sponsoring organization can better answer your first question.
    But either way, I’d like to assure you that non-Muslims are allowed and even encouraged to enter their local mosques at any time they would like 365 days a year, 7 days a week — as long as they are entering with good intentions, such as to learn more about Islam or Islamic practices.
    It’s probably better for you, the visitor (you’ll see more) to come during prayer time. You can look up prayer times here depending on your location:
    Mosques usually pray a few minutes after the call to prayer (a few minutes after the listed times).
    Rules of entering a mosque:
    1) Show respect (both to the mosque and the worshipers inside). Just remember that it’s a holy place of worship.
    2) Dress modestly. For men: The Islamic rule is to cover between the navel and the knees, so if you can follow that it would be awesome. Example: a shirt and pants would be fine.
    For women: Clothing which is loose & not revealing. Wear some kind of headcovering if you can (for example, any regular scarf)
    Women are allowed inside, and they’ll probably be led to the women’s section of the mosque/Islamic center.
    Just remember: respect and modesty. And you’re welcome anytime.

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