Brazilian Muslims Invited North American Group
SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL (June 16, 2014) – On the eve of the World Cup and in the midst of local protest against the FIFA tournament, Muslim members from the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) have begun arriving in Brazil at the invitation of local Muslim organizations.

ICNA is one of the oldest and largest Muslim organizations in the United States, with chapters in 49 US cities and an annual convention that drew over 20,000 people to Baltimore in May, 2014. The initiative was planned by Why Islam, the outreach project of ICNA.
According to, Why Islam provides “accurate information about Islam, by dispelling popular stereotypes and common misconceptions about Islam and Muslims.” It also seeks to “promote peaceful co-existence and remove hatred in society.”
The 18-strong group to Brazil includes organizers, scholars, youth and professionals from the US and Canada including Nahela Morales, Shaykh Abdool Rahman Khan, Boonaa Muhammad and Cyrus McGoldrick. The campaign “What’s Your Goal?” will continue until July 5, designated as “Global Dawah Day.” (“Dawah” means “invitation” in Arabic, Farsi and Urdu.)
In a statement, Why Islam representative Nahela Morales said, “The objective of this important effort is to convey the message of Islam while collaborating with other organizations and fellow Muslims, in order to foster understanding and inspire others to do the same.”
Cyrus McGoldrick added, “We are honored by the invitation to Brazil and obligated to answer it, and pray that our collaboration benefits the people of Brazil during this time of excitement and enthusiasm.”
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The team will stay in Brazil until July 9.
Why Islam, 877-WHY-ISLAM (US),; contacts available for interview in USA and Brazil
Nahela Morales (Brazil), (055) 11-9588-75576
Centro de Divulgação do Islam para América Latina (CDIAL), (055) 11-4122-2400 (Brasil),

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