news8upn9.jpg(Hartford-WTNH, July 3, 2005 7:00 PM)- On this holiday weekend, thousands of Muslims gather in Hartford to learn more about living in America and still maintaining their faith.
Abdul Quadir Brula’s family travelled from Albany, New York to Hartford today in search of answers.

“This is very important,” says Abdul Quadir Brula.
Quadir Brula’s family, and thousands of other Muslims are facing a huge challenge; how to bring up a family according to Islamic principles, while living in the United States as a US citizen.
“There are a few difficulties as well which we have to cope with.”
Difficulties like their boys not participating in birthday parties at school because it’s forbidden by Islam.
“There are many difficulties especially in public schools because there are many differences between US and Americans,” says Huma Quadir, Albany, NY.
So this weekend more than 5,000 Muslims will listen to guest speakers, interactive messages.
“Islam is grossly misunderstood”
And shop among the 250-vendors inside the Connecticut Convention Center. All if it part of the Islamic Circle of North America Convention.
Ever since the terrorist attacks on September 11th of 2001, many Muslims say they feel shunned because of cultural needs many restaurants in Hartford were guided as to which foods the convention goers could eat.
And separate dining areas were set up in the convention center for Muslim men and women.
Article Courtesy: WTNH TV, Channel 8 News

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