Muslims to Donate $3000 Worth Personal Care Products to DuPage PADS, to Mark Ramadan
By Community Contributor Taskeen Khan,
CHICAGO, June 16, 2015 – ICNA Relief Chicago, the Glendale Heights, IL, based local chapter of a National Muslim organization dedicated to helping the most vulnerable, will donate personal hygiene products to homeless women, on June 23 2015, to honor the Islamic month of Ramadan.

The month starts on June 17, 2015, depending on the sighting of the new moon. Personal care products were donated by Muslims from all over Chicago and its suburbs.
“DuPage Pads is very grateful for the generous efforts of ICNA Relief’s Women’s Essentials campaign. Certainly, the women we serve will feel respected and hopeful,” said Carol Simler, DuPage Pads President & CEO.
“Islam is about reaching out to the neediest among us, irrespective of faith, race or gender,” said Dr. Saima Azfar, Director, ICNA Relief Chicago. “According to our teachings, the believer’s charity will serve to shade him or her on the Day of Resurrection. God’s countless favors upon us are not ours alone. Yes, we are beneficiaries but we are also no more than a vessel, channels to distribute His wealth. Feminine care products, such as sanitary napkins and tampons, are not typically donated to food pantries and shelter homes. For a homeless woman these donations make a world of difference in preserving her dignity and self-respect.”
“The word “Ramadan” itself comes from the Arabic root word ‘ramad’ meaning “extreme heat.” The many acts of worship and charity performed in Ramadan serve to burn away our sins, God willing,” said Dr. Azfar.
“Our Women’s Essentials Campaign was intended to create awareness about how common homelessness is and aims to alleviate suffering,” said Ms. Malika MacDonald, Director, ICNA Relief Women’s Shelter Initiative. “The poor and destitute have been left to fend for themselves. Society has made them out to be villains, thieves, cheats and lazy. Just because the government has certain initiatives to help the poor, we feel they are all set to survive. Yes, they do survive, but it is an existence which many of us could never endure.”
Monetary donations continue to be accepted online at
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Article Courtesy: Chicago Tribune

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