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ICNA Speaks Out Against Islamophobia After Poll Shows Support For NYPD Spying

New York, NY – March 14, 2012: The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), one of the nation’s leading Muslim organizations, is speaking out against Islamophobia and racism in light of a poll released yesterday.

The poll, conducted by Quinnipiac University, concluded that 58 percent of voters said the NYPD acted appropriately in its efforts to fight terrorism and did not unfairly target Muslims; 29 percent disagreed.
“This behavior by the NYPD not only violates the civil liberties and civil rights of Muslim Americans but calls into question the integrity of a police force that is sworn to protect thousands of law abiding Muslim Americans and other ethnic communities who live in New York City,” says Dr. Zahid Bukhari, President of ICNA. “The Justice Department is investigating the NYPD’s deplorable behavior for possible civil rights violations.”“The FBI has said that spying on the Muslim American community is ineffective and ultimately will undermine our efforts to keep Americans safe.”
Just as other marginalized groups have overcome adversity, it is the job of the Muslim community to stand up for their freedom of religion. Islamic Circle of North America has launched a “Defending Religious Freedom, Understanding Shariah” campaign designed to inform and educate Americans about Islam and to combat Islamophobia. The findings in this poll reinforce the ideals behind ICNA’s campaign.
Throughout history, minority groups have been targeted when the threat to national security is high. From the internment of Japanese Americans, to the era of McCarthyism, minority groups have had to fight against unjust accusations on their character and their beliefs.
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About The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA):
The Islamic Circle of North America is a leading American Muslim organization dedicated to the betterment of society through the promotion of Islamic values. Since 1968, ICNA has worked to build relations between communities by devoting itself to education, outreach, social services and relief efforts. www.icna.org
About Defending Religious Freedom, Understanding Shariah:
The Islamic Circle of North America has taken up the challenge of dispelling the myths about Shariah and Islam and communicating the truth to the American public. ICNA has launched a year-long campaign, during which we will present the facts about Shariah and Islam and have an open dialogue and discussion including a 25 city education tour, national hotline, radio ads, billboards and seminars across the country. www.defendingreligiousfreedom.com

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