Pre-Marriage Counseling Questionnaire
We suggest both bride and groom to answer ALL of the following questions on separate papers. Submit the answers to a marriage advisor and have a counseling session with the advisor, first separately and then together. Local Imam or an experienced elder in the community can serve as advisor.
Please be sure your answers are truthful, precise and specific:
1. List three purposes of marriage:
2. Do you feel comfortable in getting married with your potential future spouse? Do you think he or she is compatible with you?
3. What kinds of personality do you expect in your future spouse?
4. What kind of behavior would you not tolerate from your spouse?
5. What kind of manners do you admire?
6. What are the responsibilities or obligations of husband and wife?
7. What kind of approach would you take to resolve any major or minor conflict in your marriage?
8. What do you think makes marriage successful?
9. Would you like your wife to continue her education?
10. Would you like your wife to work? If not, explain why?
11. If your answer is yes to the above question, then
a) Are you going to ask her to contribute to household expenses?
b) Will you have single or joint bank accounts?
12. Are your parents happy with this marriage?
13. Are you going to stay with your spouse in your or her/his parent’s house?
14. Are you taking any medication? If yes, what is the medication and for what?
15. What is MAHR? Who gives it? And to whom is it given?
16. Would you like to make any conditions in this marriage? If yes, what are those conditions? Be very specific and precise.
17. What decisions have been made regarding to financial and custodial provisions of a child or children who were born to either of you, prior to this marriage? (Where will they live, who will pay for their necessities, who will make the decision for them?)

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