Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA (August 25, 2010) – The Southern California chapter of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) issued a press release today calling the planned desecration of the Quran by a church in Gainesville, FL “misguided,” and announced that it would distribute 10,000 free copies of the Quran through its 1-877-WhyIslam outreach project in response to the Gainesville event.

ICNA Southern California also launched www.sponsoraquran.com, a new Quran distribution initiative, specifically for this cause.
Condemned by various local churches, synagogues and mosques, as well as the National Association of Evangelicals, the Gainesville event is scheduled for the ninth anniversary of the September 11th attacks. Although the city’s fire department has denied a permit for the public burning, the church’s pastor has stated the event will proceed as planned.
quran-boothDuring the past year 1-877-WhyIslam Southern California has distributed close to 10,000 copies of the Quran via 70 information booths organized at various public events. The Qurans are handed out in person, exclusively to non Muslims, upon request, and the chapter has said that it is poised to deliver nationwide through its network of hundreds of booths and volunteers. A consignment of over 7,000 copies is ready for distribution.

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Amir Mertaban, Chairman of the ICNA chapter’s Dawah Committee said “We feel that a positive act like this is much more effective and appropriate in countering a hateful act like the one in Gainesville.” Muslims are obligated to respect other religions and their holy books, particularly the Bible, and Mertaban added that, “A Muslim would never burn a Bible.”

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  1. ASA brothers and sisters and may Allah reward you according to best of your deeds. I support your cause and pray that Church in Florida would come to it’s senses.

  2. I am not sure what this person thinks he will accomplish by burning the qur’an. I do believe that anyone who burns a qur’an is afraid of truth and is doing himself a disservice. I have been a muslim for over 30 years,and, alhamdulilah the burning of qurans and the hatred shown toward muslims has always been around. We must assume responsibilty for ourselves and behave as Allah swt wants . Pray and treat people justly and fairly.

  3. Do not burn but Learn. It is guidance for all mankind from the creator Who is the God of Heavens and earth and all mankind including Prophet Jesus P who fell on his face and worshiped Allah(The Only True God)Alone.
    Burning Book of guidance,knowledge and Wisdom is sign of ignorance.

  4. May Allah reward you brothers. InshAllah this church will bring all the attention to the Quran and Allah may guide many through the response and your distributions. If this religion was from anyone else, it would have withered long ago with the centuries of oppostion. But Allah will not allow the kafireen to estinguish his light no matter how hard they try.

  5. I think ICNA should consider legal charges about who ever is in charge of this sinful act. This is a clear hate crime and should be treated as such

  6. Islam will continue to have enemies and they will fail all the time.(3:118)…they will not fail to corrupt you.They only desire your ruin:rank hatred has already appeared from their mouths: what their hearts conceal is far worse. We have made plain to you the signs, if you have wisdom.
    Let’s treat them well.The enemies of Islam will never succeed. Islam will win.

  7. I think that the burning issue brings forth our own shortcoming as an ummah. As muslim americans we have lived here now for centuries. That a church is now buring the Quran is a telling reminder to us all, to wake up to our true calling!

  8. Buring our Holy Koran will only prove that to the ignorant and those weak of faith that Islam is a threat to them. You can burn our books and kill our people but you can not change our faith or belief

  9. I appreciate the GOOD DEED done by ICNA in response to the BAD DEED – as a befitting response from a religion ISLAM brought by Mohammed SAW – REHMATUL-ALAMIN for the world.

  10. WOW! Excellent job. May Allah reward you all for this excellent effort ameeeen.
    To Sophie above: I hope the church itself catches fire and all the haters are barbecued.
    This is not part of Islam. We don’t correct a ‘wrong’ act with another ‘wrong’ act! Leave their judgement to Allah.

  11. ALLAH is proctactor and INSHALLAH will save HOLLY QURAN from this worst act these people are planing to do. ALLAH give all of us wisdom so we can stood up against this coward act as a one muslim nation. i condem what happen on 9/11 but we should all look and research how and who did that?

  12. Asalamualaikum,
    To all muslims, Please don’t over react to this incident, he is just trying to instigate us and few stupid muslims take this to extreme and spoil islams reputation by taking extreme steps of harming the innocents.
    REMEMBER: The more we react the more we will be targetted.
    Burning quran by pastor shows how ignorant he is. I pray that Allah gives hidaya to this pastor and he embraces islam.

  13. If somebody burns a copy of the Holly Quran, it proves that he or she hates Quran and islam. It will be a hate crime. On the other hand, burning qurans will not extinct Quran nor Islam, because, the original quran is in peoples heart.

  14. I commend the efforts of the members of ICNA in this regard. Ignorance and Islamophobia can only be defeated with light and knowledge. Muslims must always hold the high moral ground inspired by our Noble Faith and not be provoked by such senseless act of intolerance and hate.

  15. Either the minister will actually read it, repent, and become a huge da’i for islam, OR he will taste the flames of THE DAY la raibee fee…..so either way we win

  16. Salaam Alaykum,
    Ma’sha’Allah – I’m humbled, and pleased to read and hear about the brothers & sisters efforts through ICNA about distributing the holly Quran. Alhamdulillah. Although the Quran permits “eye for an eye” — the Quran does promote forgiveness with a good deed and a reward (5:45). Let Allah deal with the judgment and fate of these people in Florida.

  17. Elhadj Barry, shame on you. You are just as bad as the man burning the holy Quran. “The enemies of Islam will never succeed and Islam will win.” Islam will not win. Christianity will not win. The Jews will not win. Wake up. It is not about winning. It is about making peace with all around you, accepting your own God, and your own religion, and treating others will respect.

  18. Allah subhanawataala as mentioned in Glorious Quran..”Reply them in a beautiful way”… so ICNA is replying them in a beautiful way by offering Glorious Quran…Mashallah..

  19. When I first heard about this event taking place in the US, a supposedly forward thinking society,myself and many other South African muslims doubted whether something so absurd was true. After confirming that this event was very real,all we in South Africa can do is pray for these people and be grateful that so much attention is being brought to ISLAM… With every good come bad and of course,with every bad comes some Good. If just 1 person who has never had any interest in Islan,reads 1 verse from the Holy Quraan and finds 1 truth in it… Would that be enough?

  20. Its the symptoms of Qayammat, Lets all pray to allah and ask mercy for this mis behaviour. Why every time American Muslim has to suffer for some one’s mistake. I am muslim of India and have great value of muslim any my country really permits to live like brotherlihood.

  21. As Salaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmahtullahi Wa Barakatuhu. Ramadan Mubarak; Ramadan Karim!
    These disgraceful acts have their (reward) as well, Incha-ALLAH! When a player on a sports field or court initiates an altercation by hitting another, most often it is the victim’s retaliation which is penalized.
    Despite the lies about 911, Islam continues to attract truth seeking people. Our weapon is truth as we all know that “when truth comes, falsehood is bound to perish.”. We must study all aspects of political assassinations from JFK to Lumumba to Sadat; we must study all about political Zionism’s socio-politico-economico control over institutions; we must study the media refusal to be truthful and balanced (the scribes); we must look more closely at events leading up to 911, the first gulf war, the 1967 Seven Day War and be ready to answer what is being preached…
    Wa Salaam

  22. …then we must study political movements within our own communities which provide opportunities for those who hate us to justify their horrors.
    Wa Salaam

  23. I am afraid thinking what happened to the nations before us for doing this type of crime and how Allah punished them. I am calling all my relatives and friends out of Gainsville and out from the state of Florida. May Allah give these people guidance so that they stop this crime against Allah, The Almighty GOD.

  24. Remember one Lecture from Mr.Khalid Yasin.
    If all the Bible, Torah, Hindu Scriptures, Budda scriptures and ALSO Quran is destroyed.
    THE GLORIOUS QURAN IS THE ONLY RELIGEOUS BOOK (In the face of the earth), WHICH CAN BE BROUGHT BACK, with in a day or two.
    ISLAM is from the creator of everything.

  25. my dear non muslim brothers, read the quran before burning it.. subuhannallah how much effort youl put the word of allah can be destroyed untill the last day(day of Qiyama)..this was safe guarded since 1400 years ago..and inshallah it will be protected till day of qiyama..

  26. Raju is right. I am glad I am far from Florida 🙂 Thanks to millions of people who have memorized quran word by word. The Quran will live till the last day.

  27. Dear Hate Mongers,
    Burn the Quran
    But Dont Forget one day you all are gonna die.
    InshaAllah Allah will burn you in the hell fire
    I hope this burn quran event will make good marketing of Islam INshaAllah
    Like Allah says in the Quran in Surah Ale IMran 3:54
    “They planned and plot and Allah too Planned and Allah is the best Planer”

  28. may peace, blessings & mercy of almighty Allah(swt) be on all;
    almighty Allah(swt) says in quran; THEY PLAN & PLOT, ALLAH TOO PLANS & PLOTS, ALLAH IS THE BEST OF PLANNER.
    however much the unbelievers spread hatred against islam, insha allah islam is born to supercede them all completely.
    if the florida church has guts, then he should be on a platform to DEBATE.


  30. Ever since I first heard of this, I have felt sick, that any religious group can burn the sacred text of another. As a Christian I am ashamed of these people and ask all Muslims to forgive the ignorance of these few. I only recently ordered my Qur’an and just begun my journey.The book means a lot to me and I have only just begun reading.I only hope they stop this before it begins.

  31. Yes a muslim will never burn a bible or a torah. How can they burn Quran which also speaks about Jesus and his powers of healing the leopards and giving life to dead by the will of God. These people are ignorant and cannot even call themselves Christians for doing this act. Are they not afraid of God. Does their bible instruct them to burn other religious books? I do not think so. So how do they differ from the ones that did the 9/11 horror?

  32. Islam is a culmination of all holy religions; by burning the Quran, these people are attracting attention to this holy book that is protected by its Creator rather than diminishing it. Hasbunalla wa ne3mal wakeel and may He guide them towards the right path. Amen

  33. I admire the fact that most of you responded peacefully which is important.
    Let’s raise not only the spread of the Qur’an but also the understanding. Had they read the Qur’an before, they wouldn’t dare to burn it. May god protect us from ignorance.
    Keep the cool.

  34. In this holy month of RAMADAAN someone dare think of something so evil. I think before this individual person call muslim an evil religion he should first sit and the holy QURAN understand then show the whole world where in QURAN Allah has thaught us muslim to kill innocents. on the 9/11 it was not only other religions died lots of muslims died too so what should the muslims do about that.
    May Allah forgive you and so you the right path as towards we all have to returns.

  35. Don’t Burn but learn as my brother Muhammad Hussain says, you Christians think that if we Burn Qura’n, that will finish Muslims NO NO No No you people are wrong, Monthly we have 10000s of Muslims who Memorize The Holy Qura’n Karim.

  36. They may burn the holy qur’an but they can not burn the words of Allah SWT, it’s always going to be in all muslim’s heart and there are thousands of muslims who memorize qu’ran words by words as well.

  37. I don’t wish any misfortune on those who do decide to burn Qurans on the planned day. Instead I pray for God to guide these people and forgive them for this sinful act. This is extremely ironic for a church to burn Qurans, a book that in the second chapter mentions the verification of the word of Jesus Christ son of the virgin Mary. The Quran goes on to mention that word of Prophet Moses and of Jesus is the truth and that as Muslims we must follow their practices. Many are ignorant to the fact that every Muslim believes in Jesus Christ as their Messiah and savior near the end of days.

  38. Islam means peace. We are the last religion, Allah made. We will prosper. We will have Jannah. We are protected. Things will happen only with Allah’s permission.

  39. Stop distribution of our most HOLY book, the Qur’an, to such hands who are planning to burn. Will we not be helping them in their nefarious movement? What can we expect from this distribution? respect and honor OR sacrilege of the scripture? May Allah guide the misguided, Amin! ISRAR HASAN

  40. the misguided americans together with the all zionistic jews in the world must be made to realize that there is more than just their materialistic possesions in life,, on the other hand , perhaps ALLAH has a direct path to hell for them !

  41. We all should protest peacefully, knowing that Allah has taken the responsibility of protecting Quaran. Let us pray to Allah to guide those misguided people to the right path of Islam.

  42. All these people saying how a Muslim would never burn a Torah or a Bible. Would a Muslim burn a Bahai holy book and think it a holy religious book?
    Burn the koran. It is just a book as far as I am concerned. Enough pandering to the fear of offending Muslims. Welcome to modernity where no one cares about what you think is holy and whatever they do to your holy books is fine as long as they don’t physically harm you. Burn baby burn!

  43. I request that ICNA should send a delegation to talk to this pastor and sit with him and make him understand the teachings of Quran. This person is misguided and needs guidance. Giving free Quran is not going to help. Why does not ICNA understand and do something about it. The people who are running ICNA, they have a greater responsibility and they are accountable to ALLAH (SWT) since they are in an authoritative position. May ALLAH (SWT) guide the misguided. Ameen

  44. As-Salaamu Alaikum Brothers and Sisters in Islam:
    I live in Gainesville. We have a very strong Muslim community ICG and Hoda Center. First of all may ALLAH (swt) guide all of us and those who are misguided and sow seed of mischiefs on earth. AMIN!
    We in the Gainesville community thankful to ALLAH (SWT) to giving us strength and making our community stronger and all the support received from interfaith groups from around the world who have denounced this act of terrorism.
    Allah Hafiz

  45. As salaamu alaikkum
    It is Allah’s way of making us tronger and united in times like this. Allah will take care of his Holy Book and we as true Muslims should try and make people understand the teachings of Quran. THey can burn the paper bound Quran but what about the Quran Karim which is etched in thousands of Muslim hearts.

  46. Just a right winger propaganda in preparation of November elections and display of pure ignorance and an effort of cheap publicity.
    Gains = Noting, Looses = Uncountable including speedy conversion to Islam
    God has protected this text for centuries and continue for future.

  47. Allah has the power to change hearts the angels guide the misguided.
    Look around us people from all faiths Jews, Christians and leaders from the world have spoken. It is a book which guides us to the right thing, as we Muslims are also very respectul of other religions.

  48. This is a shameful event by an ignorant, whole US is ashamed of it and condemns it, i would ask to be peaceful and protect the christian minorities in islamic counteries from the extremist out there as those ppl are totally inocent and are our brothers .be peaceful , such events wouldnt do any harm to Quran and its knowledge but such things only let ppl know about the context .
    Americans are helping a lot with flood victims in Pakistan and this could be an attempt by a power who want to evoke violence between two religion.

  49. Quran is memorized by millions around the world. Yes, even in the United States of America. The world loses nothing by pages that burn by the will of Allah.
    The world shell prevail and people of Islam will still continue to give the message of hope and peace to Americans and the world through their memorization. Hafiz ul Quran. May Allah bless them all and strengthen their memory further through this difficult time. Ameen.

  50. The actions of my Christian brothers shames me. we are called to love one another is we would love ourselves. This preacher is no christian by my definition. I pray that muslims do not think all Christian’s are like this. Just like the minority of muslims are radical please remember that only a small minority of Christians are radical. God bless all the children of God.

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