Minneapolis, MN (August 25, 2010) – Islamic Circle of North America, Minnesota is launching a public awareness campaign by running ads about Islam on WCCO 830 AM news radio. Starting on August 30th 2010, during the Islamic month of Ramadan, several radio ads will be broadcast daily.

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qoiG0a1TVQ0Each ad will invite the public to call a toll free number 1-800-662-ISLAM and converse with a Muslim, ask about Islam or request a free copy of the Quran and Islamic literature. The website mentioned in the ad, www.GainPeace.com, will provide more detailed information on Islam. In addition to the radio ad campaign, ICNA volunteers will be distributing thousands of brochures entitled “Islam Explained” at the Minnesota State Fair, starting August 26th, 2010.
Transcript of the Islam radio ad:
“Since the dawn of time humanity has always wondered who created them; what is the purpose of their life? Islam proclaims that they are created by one God with the sole purpose to worship Him alone and not to worship His creation. Peace is the outcome of submission to one God. Islam is not a new faith but the same divine truth preached by all the prophets of God. To find out more about Islam and to receive a free copy of the Quran call 1-800-662-ISLAM (4752). Or you can visit them on the web at GainPeace.com. Sponsored by ICNA.”
Hamid Siddiqui, Project Coordinator, comments, “The Minnesota State Fair is expected to attract more than 1.7 million people to the Twin Cities, and it is a very good opportunity for Muslims to present the true picture of Islam and remove any suspicion they may have about Muslims. This radio ad campaign will provide an opportunity for the people of Minnesota to take a fresh and positive look at Islam and help us build bridges and come closer [to one another].”

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