Internationally popular designers give back during New York Fashion Week Runway Show on Friday, September 6, 7-9pm in New York City Global Shopping Bazaar, Saturday, September 7, 12-8pm.
New York, NY (PRWEB) August 13, 2013 – This Friday, September 6th marks the official launch of Relief on the Runway’s “Intercontinental Fashion Week,” a New York Fashion Week event.

The weekend long celebration of culture, charity and style will feature couture and ready-to-wear fashions from American designers whose work appeals to jet-set, influential women including royalty, business leaders, and policy makers. This black-tie event will be attended by international press, senior buyers at major retailers, celebrity stylists, and social insiders.
The third annual Relief on the Runway event is proud to be supporting ICNA Women’s Shelter. ICNA Women’s Shelter, a sub-division of the Islamic Circle of North America, is a nationally-recognized, non-profit organization that has been serving both Muslim and people of other faiths since 1967. Their goal is to assist and empower under-privileged women and their families in the New York City area through sustainable social service programs. Proceeds from ticket sales will go to ICNA Relief USA, and specifically their shelter in Jamaica, Queens that helped many families during and after Hurricane Sandy. Event Partners and Sponsors include: Nahda Designs, Biz Promoters, 3V Creative, EngieStyle, ICNA, Azizah Magazine, Islamic Design House, iStyle.Modesty, and Yellow Sky Agency PR.
This year’s Intercontinental Fashion Week designers, including Nahda Designs, La Merveille by KD, Amalina Aman Designs, IslamicGems, Cover Me Beautiful, and Sabika Seattle, are first generation citizens of the US and Australia, but ethnically and culturally represent the countries of Eritrea, Sudan, Guinea, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, and the Christmas and Cocos Islands. Their work and approach to design integrates their American upbringing with the history and culture of their heritage. As Intercontinental Fashion Week grows, the Relief on the Runway events will continue to incorporate designers from various countries, religions and backgrounds; giving the audience a broader showcase of internationally inspired design.
As Suraya Mahumed, the founder of Relief on the Runway and Creative Director of Nahda Designs states, “Our ultimate goal with Relief on the Runway is to build bridges through fashion. We’re more than East meets West. Relief on the Runway is a platform that uses fashion as bridge between Muslim designers and designers of all faiths and cultures, their consumers and the mainstream fashion industry. Fashion celebrates beauty and is a universal language.” These fashions can be worn in various cultures and countries where demure dress at formal affairs and professional functions is preferred. The designers involved in Relief on the Runway believe that women in the global eye should be able to rely on their designer to represent their heritage, country and business interests in cross cultural settings.
The timeless silhouettes being shown this year can be incorporated into mainstream US fashion wardrobes and are also emblematic of the increasingly popular Modest Fashion industry. Modest Fashion is the fastest-growing apparel market around the world, increasing exponentially every year, and is valued at over $100 billion annually.
The annual Relief On The Runway charity fashion show features designers’ latest collections, while raising funds to help aid women, children and refugees internationally, with the overwhelming goal to inspire like-minded individuals. In its three year history, they have gained the support of Islamic Relief USA, as well as local and international designers. This year marks Relief on the Runway’s first showing at New York Fashion Week and the debut of their “Intercontinental Fashion Week” events. Nahda Designs hosted the first annual charity event in Fullerton, CA in December 2011 and also helped IRUSA in hosting their first ever charity fashion show that took place in New York in April 2012 titled, “Relief on the Runway: Attire to Inspire.” For more information on Relief On The Runway events and the debut of “Intercontinental Fashion Week” in New York, visit Immediately following the show, there will be an opportunity for buyers to reviews the designs and make their selections.
Article Courtesy: San Francisco Chronicle

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  1. Why is ICNA promoting fashion for women in this capacity. Showing our sisters to the world on a stage…
    No need to copy West in these things, Please.
    Islamic attire only doesn’t make it halal it is also the intention and what your protrraying is important.

  2. As-Salaam Alaikum\
    Great work still being done by ICNA. Just a small correction: the ICNA Women’s Shelter in Jamaica, NY was founded in 1997 by the Muslim Women’s Help Network (MWHN) that worked in collaboration with ICNA with the house being funded by ICNA and all of the services delivered by MWHN members. Please give credit where it is due, al-hamdulillah.

  3. As-Salaam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah
    Please allow me to correct myself about the founding of the ICNA Women’s Shelter: MWHN worked in collaboration with ICNA’s United Muslim Movement Against Homelessness (UMMAH)organization to establish the current ICNA Women’s Shelter that remains operable in Jamaica, NY, al-hamdulillah (full credit). I hope this comment will be allowed to appear on the ICNA website, insha’Allah– as the record should be clear. Many good sisters from the Jamaica community worked very hard for its establishment, by the Grace of Allah (swt).

  4. -Thank you for highlighting the needed corrections, we will see to it that the information is updated.
    -Yes,the image of how it is portrayed to the world is important and that is why ROTR strives to do it in a professional, and positive manner. The charitable objective of ROTR is to raise funds towards relief efforts that benefit the greater good of communities in need.

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