LOS ANGELES, Nov 28, 2015- Recently a small request turned into a novel idea for outreach. A member of a Los Angeles Mosque, expressed his concern about the lack of quality and engaging programs for new Muslims to a volunteer from ICNA’s outreach project WhyIslam.

Almost all Mosques are attended by, and their programs geared for, born Muslims. Almost all Mosques are attended by, and their programs geared for, born Muslims. The two discussed the growing number of people who accepted Islam during the past Ramadan and the importance of doing something for them that is social, educational as well as fun. It didn’t take long for the local ICNA outreach volunteers to decide on “Revert Jeopardy”.
Putting together the questions for the jeopardy turned out to be the biggest task. “We were not sure if they would be too easy or hard. We asked Reverts who have been Muslims for at least 10 years for assistance.” said Mohammad, one of the organizers of the event. But soon enough things started to fall into place: budget was approved, flyers were designed, printed, and distributed at local mosques. Social media and emails were used to get the word out. The most effective invitations appeared to be those extended personally by the Mosques.
“I feel that they (program organizers) are very invested in our success as new Muslims, that they harbor a genuine sense of responsibility towards their fellow Muslims.” said Jaquelle, a revert attendee. She added “They provided us with nourishment for our physical, social and spiritual selves. I pray that Allah will reward them immensely for their efforts.”
The attendees, almost all of who were reverts, had a great time and expressed interest in new Muslim classes which the team is finalizing with the King Fahad Mosque in Los Angeles. The organizers state that they are ready to help any chapter of ICNA in organizing similar event.
A new Muslim seminar is also being organized at the Institute of Knowledge in the city of Diamond Bar on January 31st, 2016. Click here for more info.

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