HOUSTON, Texas (July 17th, 2010) – Over 150 students attended the first ever class of the Islamic Learning Foundation (ILF) of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) Houston Chapter. Ustadh Abdul Sattar Ahmed (Founding member of Chicago’s ILF) said he was not expecting that many to show up for the first course.


“I learned more during this nine hours ILF class than I have in attending four conferences in the past. I liked the presenters at this ILF class, who taught us basics and gave academic knowledge, plus emphasis of those instructors to implement this valued information in our daily lives,” said one of the young participants.
ILF has already been in existence in New York / New Jersey and Chicago areas, and this flagship learning program of ICNA started this weekend with the first course “way to the Quran” on Saturday, July 17th, 2010 at the University of Houston, Main Campus, University Center. All the pertinent reference materials was provided in a nice handbook and lunch was served). Program was sponsored by the Muslim Student Association (MSA) and Helping Hand For Relief & Development (HHRD-USA).


With Ramadan coming, during which Quran was revealed to Messenger Mohammad (Peace be upon him – PBUH); as such preparation for this Blessed month is very much on the minds of all Muslims; the theme of this first class was appropriately determined as “Way to the Quran”. In Quran Chapter 5 Verse 17: “And We have indeed made the Quran easy to understand and remember: then is there any that will receive admonition?”


Topics in this inaugural ILF Houston class included “Quranic Arabic”, “Uloom-ul-Quran”, and “Message of the Quran”. Instructors include famous scholars in USA like Sheikh Mamdouh Moustafa (Imam of the Islamic Society of Greater Houston, Texas); Hafiz Tauqer Shah (of Islam On Air Radio and Houston Huffaz Association); Ustadh Abdul Sattar Ahmed (Founding member of Chicago’s ILF); and others.


Session One included “Quranic Arabic”, where it was emphasized why it is important to learn Arabic to get a clear understanding of the Quran and then what is Quranic Arabic. Others sessions were on “The Beauty of the Quran”; “Unparalleled Miracle of the Quran”; “Fundamentals of Arabic Grammar”; Arabic: Parts of Speech; The Number of Nouns; The Plural of Nouns and Adjectives; The Pronouns; Verb Tense; Sentence Structure; and so on; “Uloom-ul-Qur’an”; “Wahi & Nazool”; “The History of Preservation of Quran”; “The Message of the Quran”; “Understanding the Quran through Seerah”; “Mission of Establishing Quran and Justice”; “Quran: First Learning – Then Action”; and much more.


For more information on ILF Houston visit www.ILFHouston.org or call Sultan Salahuddin at (832) 725.8572.

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