Alhamdulillah the 36th Annual ICNA-MAS Convention was a huge success! With record attendance, amazing sessions and an incredible bazaar, the weekend has provided us with unforgettable memories.

All praise is due to Allah Most High, who gave us the opportunity to make this conference possible. We also thank the Connecticut Convention Center and the City of Hartford for hosting us this weekend, and especially thank the thousands of attendees for making the convention a massive success.
We hope you enjoy the rest of the conference and leave Connecticut with renewed faith. As always, keep us in your prayers. We look forward to seeing you again next year!
The 36th Annual ICNA-MAS Convention Team

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  1. Al-Hum-do-Lil-Lah.
    Sincere thanks from the bottom of my heart to the entire ICNA team to pull such a massive event with such great success. This event rejuvenated and re-charged every Muslim who participated – May Allah give you Jaza and reward you with Jana-til-Firdous – Ameen!

  2. May Allah reward those who were responsible for live streaming of some of the sessions. My family in Trinidad were able to richly benefit from the talks. We are motivated to raise the required funds to be there next year to attend in person.

  3. Alhamduillah – Inspiring lectures – Eloquent speakers, Especially Br. Yasir Qadi lecture on Sunday night –
    superb grand finale!
    Br. Siraj Wahaj fundraising – amazing. Br. Nouman Ali Khan wonderful analogies and memorizing – Sh. Waleed thought provoking lectures. Subanalah.
    May ALLAH (SWT) reward all the organizers and accept your good deeds and purify your intentions.
    Looking forward to next year – already.

  4. Bismillah
    I believe it was a wonderful experience and a good reminder for all of humanity that Islam is the middle path.I am concerned that ummah has a issue with marriage and marriage services should be free or under 20 dollar fee.The youth and our sisters should be priority isnha Allah to get more social services up and running insha Allah.Let us love and fear Allah.

  5. Salam alaikum,
    I am somewhat disappointed by the selection of speakers and topics for this year’s convention. Many of the topics were not even relevant to the current challenges that Muslim communities across United States are confronted with. I hope for next year you will work harder in identifying more relevant topics for the main sessions.

  6. alhumduallah it was an amazing experience for both me and my kids……great lectures by ysir qadi ,nsir jangda ,nouman ali khan and beautiful recitation and inspiring speaches by wasaam sharif….thank you ICNA for putting a wonderful programe together….keep up the good work….jazak Allah khair

  7. As salaamu alaykum,
    I was unable to attend this year. Al Hamdulillah for the opportunity to view the program online! It was beautiful. BarakAllahu feek for all of the hard work that went into the convention and sharing it online.

  8. Assalam-o-Alakum,
    The programs in the convention were really good, especially the youth programs. The facilities for the people attending the Convention are getting better and better. One concern is that kids who won the first, second and third place in the Qirat Competion were promised prizes in the mail. But it’s now been more than a month and we’ve received nothing or heard from ICNA.

  9. May Allah bless all the organizers and participants for making this a very successful event. We look forward to attending it again next year Insha Allah!

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