The First ICNA-MAS South Central Regional Conference Brought More Than 1,500 Together. This was the first effort of its kind to organize a conference on Islam during one of the most traveled weekends of the year in the South Central Region of USA. This conference was held at the University Center University of Houston Main Campus.
The theme of the conference was: “Rediscover Prophet Mohammad’s (Peace Be upon him – Pbuh) Message”. The Conference featured the largest Qur'an exhibition, which also included pictures of the Messenger Mohammad's (PBUh) footprints, shoes, clothes and many other similar possessions.
 The following topics were discussed: “Essence of Prophet Muhammad’s Message: Submission to The Creator” “Mission of Prophet Muhammad: Establishment of Allah's Deen” – “Exclusive Session for Sisters” – “Development of an Ideal Society: From Makkah Al-Mukarrma to Madina Al-Munawwara” – “Way of Prophet Muhammad” – “Islam: The Hope for Humanity”. Islamic activities for Children and Exclusive Sessions for Youth were organized. Topics included: Seerah For Me – Muslims Vs Non-Muslims (Workshop) – Build a Nation (Prophet Mohammad PBUh Way) – A Cool Sheikh? – Men: As Described in Quran – Entertainment Session.
Participants from New York, Virginia, Baton Rouge, Austin, Dallas and San Antonio attended. All the participants went back homes charged and received many practical ideas and proactive actions from the Life of Beloved Messenger Mohammad (PBUh) to perform daily, so as to bring happiness and solace to the humanity around us. Some of the salient things learnt included that our Beloved Messenger the Last of a series of several thousand Prophets all of whom we adore is that Messenger Mohammad (PBUh) is a Mercy unto Universes and Mankind, so we as Followers of God and His Messenger(s) have to be Merciful to human being s and the natural system around us. Then without thanking and assisting the humanity one can not wish to receive the blessings of God. All the participants showed keen interest in having similar Conference every year in the South Central Region. Those who failed to come this year will hopefully not miss it next time.

The program started with recitation of Qur'an by Qari
Hashim. Then local president of ICNA Houston Hanif Harris welcomed the
guest and introduced the conference and programs of ICNA.
The most moving instance of the day was the last session “Why No Islam”,
when one young student of Mexican origin was brought to the keynote speaker at the Conference, the  world renowned Islamic scholar Sheikh Yusuf
Estes at the Conference, saying he is lost in his life, is scared of
the future, needs assistance, guidance and light. Sheikh asked him that
as he is feeling these apprehensions, is there nobody to assist him as
he feels troubled: The young man replied Yes: There is God. On that
Sheikh Yusuf Estes invited him to the folds of Islam and said as he is
aware of God, coming to the folds of Islam will bring him to God and
the brotherhood of Islam as established through the efforts of
Messengers of God of whom the most successful and last of all Messenger
Mohammad (PBUh): That Brotherhood will assist you all the way. The Rope
of God the Book of Quran will bring the guidance to you. Then Sheikh
Yusuf Estes recited Suran Nasar of Quran and said victory and salvation
for those, who believe in the One God, is coming nearer and nearer. It
must be recalled that Sheikh Yusuf Estes used to be a Christian
Minister and became Muslim in Year 2000. All of Sheikh Yusuf Estes
sessions during the Conference were broadcasted live at his website:
Many prominent speakers spoke at the event: Dr. Khurshid Khan
(President of ICNA), Naeem Baig, Sheikh Zoubir Bouchikhi, Sheikh Khalid
Griggs, Imam Zia-ul-Haq Shaikh, Sheikh Omer Suleiman, Dr. Yusuf
Kavakci, Dr. Hamed Ghazali, Sheikh Abdool Rahman Khan, Dr. Muhammad
Yunus, Dr. Yusuf Ziya Kavakci, Dr. Tarek Hussein (CAIR), Hisham Ebeid
(MAS), Sheikh Rodwan Saleh (ISGH) and Dr. Mazhar Kazi.
About Fifteen Businesses had their stalls, selling their Islamic and
Muslim Merchandize to the participants. Tickets were sold at the
registrant desk for the excellent food with both Mediterranean and
South-Asian Taste was on sale by Shahnai Restaurant.
For more information about ICNA activities, please call 1-866-323-1063.

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