A great da’ee and murabbi has passed away today, December 27, 2007 in
Houston, Texas.  His tajheezo tadfeen will take place in Houston
after Friday prayer on Dec. 28th.  Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi

Having known Moulana Mohammad Naseem since my childhood in
the sixties, I have witnessed his dedicated life in the service of Allah (S)
from different angles.  He was a devout member of the Islamic Movement of
India, Ameer of Lucknow unit and a member of the U. P. state shura.  He
edited "Nai Naslen" organ of the Idara Adabe Islami Hind for
more than two decades.  Himself a fiction writer and a humorist, Imam
Naseem was a jewel of fine Lucknow culture and an Islamic movement
activist.  A very practical and pragmatic personality, he had special
skills to influence people's thoughts and emotions.  He was a great trainer
and his knowledge of the Qur'an and Sunnah were very profound.  He always
reminded people of the manners of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).  He was equally
popular as a speaker and as a murabbi among men, women, youth, and children.

Moulana Imam Naseem came to the U. S. A. in 1981 and immediately became
part of ICNA.  He was in charge of the ICNA Tarbiyah program and a member of
ICNA’s Central Shura for more than a decade.  Despite his failing health in
recent years, he attended ICNA programs locally, regionally and
nationally.  Since last year, however, he was unable to travel much and was
almost bed ridden during the last two months.  He is survived by his son
and three daughters.

May Allah (S) bless Imam Naseem with His mercy and
forgiveness and enter him into Jannatul Firdous.  May Allah give his
children and his family members sabr and strength to bear this
loss.  A'meen

Dr. Ahmadullah Siddiqui

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