They (Muslims) were the nicest people I met, writes a student after Masjid visit
Saturday January 10, 2015 10:35 PM, News Network
Chicago: Challenging the the rampant anti-Islam and anti-Muslim propaganda, a high school student after a visit to a local mosque wrote in his report that he found Muslims the nicest people he had ever met.

“Going to the Muslim mosque on our last visit opened my eyes the most. We see how poorly the media portrays Muslims, and we were able to experience how wrong the media is about them”, a St. Francis High School, Wheaton, IL wrote in his field trip report.
“Sure there are some extremists, like every religion, but the majority of the people are so kind. It makes me so sad to see the discrimination, when they were the nicest people that I met on all our field trips”, he added.
Noting that the media wrong about ‘these people’, the student went on to write, “I just wish I could let everyone experience what I did. I want to take everyone there so they can see first-hand how kind they are, and how unfair the media and the world treats them.”
The visit of the students from Wheaton school to the MSI masjid in Glendale Heights was organised by – an outreach project of Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA).
After getting a tour of the masjid, the students were taken to a class room to receive a formal presentation on the basics of Islam.
The questions the students asked were mostly regarding the hijab, shariah, situation in the middle east and on Jesus.
The students were later presented a free gift bag which consisted of an English translation of the Quran, Islamic resources DVD and brochures printed by GainPeace.
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