(LOS ANGELES, Sept. 10, 2014) – At 7:30 this past Saturday morning, a group of dedicated volunteers got on their hands and knees to nail, paint, frame, and clean.

Organized by LaTanya Maassarani, the programs coordinator for the local chapter of the Islamic Circle of North America, the volunteers joined Habitat for Humanity to build homes for those in need.
The home was being built in Cypress, a part of 15 units Habitat for Humanity is building to serve the local community. Five units are completed and ready for moving in.
“This is our first volunteer project of this kind,” said Maassarani. We try to do this consistently on a monthly basis, she said.
Over a series of weekly volunteer meetings, different community service projects were chosen for the year.
Ideas included visiting the sick, feed the hungry programs, visiting the elderly, planting trees, interfaith dialogue, playground safety, rallying for a political cause and Islam 101 presentations in schools.
ICNA lays down the foundations for each project in terms of paperwork, said Maassarani. The volunteers take the lead to manage supplies, coordinate individuals and figure out the details of each project.
The volunteers are awesome, always on time and committed, she said. “There is nothing I can say to appreciate them enough.”
She urges everyone in the community to join the volunteering effort. Meetings are held every Sunday from 3-6 pm at the Anaheim ICNA office.
“We would love for all ages to get involved and rebuild the community,” she said. “We are doing this for the sake of Allah and are not trying to impress anyone.”
To volunteer visit http://www.icna.org/volunteer

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