Your voice matters.
That’s the message Labor Secretary Tom Perez sent last week as he spoke with faith leaders from across religious traditions about the moral imperative to raise the federal minimum wage.

As people of faith, we believe that when workers are paid a living family wage that adequately compensates them for their work, their human dignity is uplifted and respected. EVERYONE deserves that human dignity. Tell Congress that you believe we can do better for ALL workers in our society!
Secretary Perez assembled a roundtable of leaders to talk about the work to raise the federal minimum wage and give our hard working friends, family and neighbors earning minimum wage the raise they deserve for their vital work in our communities.
We believe in the moral necessity to raise the federal minimum wage to one that honors the dignity of work and allows all who are able to work to earn a living and provide for their loved ones.
As Secretary Perez said, “The groundswell of support for increasing the federal minimum wage is formidable.” Click here to join the groundswell, and sign an open letter telling Congress it’s time for a moral and just minimum wage.
These days the injustice of struggling to get by on the minimum wage is far too common. Let us offer our faith voices to the growing calls for a moral and just federal minimum wage that is a living wage and allows our families to thrive above the poverty line.
In Peace and Justice,
The Rev. Michael Livingston
National Policy Director
Interfaith Worker Justice
P.S. The call for a raise is growing quickly! Add your name to the more than 1,500 signatures!

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