(Chicago-IL) The WhyIslam-Chicago team will be running an ad in the Chicago Tribune every Friday over a six month time period.  This ad will appear in the Metro Section and on the Religion page. From its previous experience, the WhyIslam-Chicago team has witnessed first hand how many Americans are interested in Islam. From December 4-17, 2006, WhyIslam ran a radio ad campaign on WBBM 780 AM. During this radio ad campaign they received up to 45 phone calls per day requesting Islamic materials or copies of Quran.

The Chicago Tribune has a circulation of 600,000. Please assist us
in letting the public know that Islam is the fastest growing religion
in America by financially supporting this and similar activities in the
future.  In addition, you can support this cause by telling your
families, friends and colleagues about it and by checking out our ad in
the Chicago Tribune every Friday.  

Following is the text of the ad that will appear in Chicago Tribune: 


Quran and Islamic Brochures




‘A Project of ICNA’  

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