SOMERSET NJ (July 15th 2013) – The ‘WHY-ISLAM ‘ project addresses a growing need for accurate information on Islam and Muslims. During Ramadan, the month in which Muslims abstain from food and drink in an attempt to become closer to God, there is an increased curiosity about Islam from the diverse American society.

Fasting is universally recognized as an act of worship that instills spiritual rejuvenation and focus on prayer and God. With the start of Ramadan this month, “WHY ISLAM” has launched several projects to promote increased understanding and dialogue between people of diverse backgrounds.
wi2013aStrategic Billboards have been placed in New Jersey and California. In New Jersey they are placed at south bound NJ Turnpike (between exits 9 and 8A) as well as in Hackensack and Elizabeth NJ. The billboards, in English and Spanish, highlight commonalities between Islam and other faiths. In California it’s placed on busy expressway in Sunnyvale City.
Increased staffing of the 877-WHY-ISLAM hotline to cater for the increased call volume anticipated during the month. Callers can access the bi-lingual (English and Spanish) toll free number, 877-WHY-ISLAM (949-47526), for any information or questions about Islam. They can also request a free copy of The Qur’an with translations in English or Spanish. The 877-WHY-ISLAM call center takes phone calls 24/7 to help the callers with accurate information about Islam.
Free Ramadan Informational Brochure available to convey the key messages about the holy month and its similarities with other faiths.
Ramadan focus on website. A variety of articles and multimedia productions are featured on the website to provide ready access to informational material on the holy month.
Mosque visit and iftar program – Ramadan provides the opportunity to participate in a community meal to mark the end of the fast – iftar. Interested individuals can call the 877-WHY-ISLAM hotline and a visit to a local “iftar” will be scheduled.
Iftar refers to the breaking of the day long fast at the announcement of the sunset prayer.
WHY-ISLAM is a project of the Islamic Circle of North America. ICNA is an American Muslim organization dedicated to the betterment of society. It works to build relations between communities by devoting itself to education, outreach, and social service.
Media Contact: WHY ISLAM Media Department, Why Islam, (877) WHY-ISLAM or (877) 949-475,
Article Courtesy: The Herald

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