(DALLAS, November 26) – ICNA Dallas launched a new outreach billboard campaign on November 26 in four different prime locations of Dallas. These ads are expected to be viewed by approximately a million commuters utilizing these highways every day.

Viewers of these billboards will have an opportunity to observe & ponder over the expression: “Muhammad: A Mercy to Mankind” inviting them through the toll-free number 1-877-Why-Islam to know more about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
The cascading impact of this billboard campaign is sure to generate positive results. Having been influenced heavily by the negative media campaign against Islam and Muslims, this effort opens a large window of opportunity to pose their “Why, What, How, When” questions and receive the right answers. This campaign will also clear the smear and will portray an undistorted picture of Islam & Muslims in their minds, thus rejecting any further negative notions spread.
In addition to highlighting the character of the Prophet, it also encourages the viewers to get a free copy of Qur’an and get more info about Islam by calling the hotline or visiting the website WhyIslam.org.
The locations have been chosen very carefully for these billboards keeping in mind the diversity, ethnicity and volume of the commuters.

  • I-35E Dallas County 1.1 Mile north of Trinity Mills Road, located in Carrollton, and this banner is serving 123449 commuters travelling north of Denton & Lewisville.
  • Located on I35E, near South of Laurel Road, this banner is serving 67182 commuters heading from Dallas to Redbird shopping area and travelers driving to Austin.
  • In a well illuminated location on I-45 south of Lamar Road, this banner is serving commuters heading from Dallas to Ellis county and travelers to Houston.
  • Located on I30, near St. Francis Road, this banner will serve the west bound commuters on I-30 from eastern suburbs which include Mesquite, Garland and Rockwell to Dallas.
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