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HOUSTON, Texas (December 16, 2010) – “Giving brings many rewards & blessings to a person: Giving with philanthropic spirit brings rewards & blessings to not only a person, but also brings positive change in the society around us.”

Based on this principle, the Islamic Circle of North America Houston (ICNA-Houston) invited all Houstonians last Saturday to Shahnai Restaurant to offer such a philanthropic opportunity with the announcement of their WHY ISLAM Center Building Project, most likely to be started in the Northwest or Northeast part of the Houston Region. Around $113,000 was raised.
Hafiz Tauqeer Shah was the Emcee of the evening. More than 300 persons were inspired by the renowned Imam Khalid Griggs, whose motivational presentation was on the topic of: “Rediscovering Commitment”, while encouraging message was conveyed by Imam Abdul Rauf Khawalda; his topic was: “Let’s Commit New Year 1432 Hijrah Resolution”.
What is “Why Islam Center”? As everyone is well aware, we live in most interesting times, where faith of the Muslims (Islam) is in discussion (both in positive & negative tone), on daily basis across the globe; in homes, marketplaces, offices, corporations, media, etc.
In order to bring the authentic message of Islam to the society around us, ICNA on behalf of the whole Muslim community of North America, launched the Why Islam program in the late 1990s and in our region, you must have seen Billboards of Why Islam over the past one decade (Check www.WhyIslam.Org): One is still existing along US 90 at SH 6 besides the railroad tracks in the New Territory Area.
For making this program more meaningful and effective in our region, ICNA-Houston is starting this Why Islam Center project most likely in the growing Northwest part of Houston.
Why Islam Center will include the Islamic Learning Foundation (ILF) for both Muslims & Non-Muslims; New Muslims Counseling; Family Counseling; Human Services & Relief Projects; Muslim Youth Activities; Senior Citizens Center; Muslim Women Center; Inter-Community & Intra-Community Interaction & Outreach Programs; A Prayer Area; and much more.
Some $113,000 was raised, which will all go towards the Why Islam Center Building projects – All the contributions are tax-deductible, so ICNA office bearers have appealed that anyone wanting to give end of the year giving, this is an opportunity.
ICNA Houston wants to make this Landmark of the Houston Community a reality in early 2011.
Article Courtesy: Muslim Media Network

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