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Muslims from All Over North America are Meeting in Hartford this Weekend
Muslims from all over th United States and Canada are meeting in Hartford this weekend , for the Islamic Circle of North America’s annual convention.
As 22 News Lynn Barry, tells us tonight, Muslims in this country say they’re are trying to create a greater understanding of their faith.
Thousands of Muslims will be attending the  Islamic Circle of North America convention , taking place this weekend in Hartford.
In the changed world since September 11th, and the arrest of 8 Muslims
in Britain in connection with last weeks terror attacks, Muslims say
they have been trying to further understanding of their religion.
Muslims say they’re religion doesn’t condone violence–or killing. 
Malika Bey-Rushdan says there is no where in the religion of Islam that
teaches or preaches terrorism attacks. Suicide bombings,  and suicide,
she says  is against the religion of Islam
As part of an effort to explain Islam to non-Muslims, on Saturday,
there will be a day-long forum at the  Connecticut  Convention Center ,
called “Window to Islam” in which people can come and ask questions
about the religion.   Some Muslims we spoke with at the convention, say
more dialog is needed between Muslims and members of others faith–to
help further understanding.  Azeem Khan, says when people can get to
know Muslims as a friend, or neighbor or co-worker it helps to build
trust.    He says too that the Muslim community needs to open itself up
and have to stop being isolated and to let people into their mosques.
The three day conference in Hartford wraps up on Sunday.
Story from Lynn Barry


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