JAMAICA, New York (July 19, 2010) – Young Muslims (YM), and Young Muslims Sisters are pleased to announce their co-sponsorship and participation in the Summer Nights Program 2010, which consists of a series of online educational web seminars on Islamic topics such as Fiqh, Dawah, the Quranic Sciences, Hadith Study, etc.

This program is being jointly sponsored with MAS-Youth and SuhaibWebb.com. The webinars are provided absolutely free of charge and are run on the support of volunteers. This program starts in June 2010 and will continue all the way through the month of Ramadan.
Summer Nights is taught by a group of scholars and students of knowledge who are studying or have completed their studies at the esteemed Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt. This program is run under the supervision of Sh. Suhaib Webb.
Knowledge is a critical component of the educational process, hence the need for a commitment to advance, promote, and participate in programs such as Summer Nights.
YM is a national pioneering youth organization that has been on the scene since the early ‘90s that has been addressing the vital roles the Muslim youth should play in North America. With different programs attuned to the youths’ critical stage in life, YM seeks to address real-life problems and give the support needed to live our lives as dedicated Muslim youth. YM functions as the official youth division of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA).

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