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NEW YORK, NY (May 20, 2011) – Walking into the Connecticut Convention Center you are greeted by the sight of thousands of people. Some are looking at their programs trying to figure out what is next on the agenda; some are taking their kids to babysitting. But what strikes you most is a group of young Muslims walking together towards the main hall. You follow them and it seems like you have entered a completely new world.


That new world is the Youth Conference, parallel to the ICNA-MAS Convention and it’s exclusively for youth. The Youth Conference is unique in that it is organized by a team of hard working and dedicated Young Muslim Brothers and Sisters. But why is the Youth Conference so important and why should you attend? Here is a list of compelling reasons:


ALL YOUTH: The Youth Conference is full of youth from all over the United States sitting together in the same hall for the same purpose—to build their relationship with Allah and become better Muslims. You meet these young Muslims and realize how much you all have in common and build steadfast relationships with them. You meet people from different backgrounds, cultures, and ideology but for three days you all are together!


AMAZING SPEAKERS: What’s great about the Youth Conference is that you get the best speakers in one place! They come out to the youth, feel their needs and address them. Speakers like Br. Nouman Ali Khan, Br. Wisam Shariff, Sh. Mukhtar Al-Maghrawi, Br. Omar Sulaiman, Imam Siraj Wahaj, and many more will grab your attention, and when the lecture is finished you will be left yearning for more.


YOUTH TOPICS: What’s better than having an amazing topic coupled with an amazing speaker? In the Youth Conference you have top speakers talking to the youth about topics that relate to their practical lives. In the past, topics have included “Butterflies Amongst Moths: The Muslim Youth”; “Prized Possessions: The Essence of Time & Health”; “How to Deal with a Habitual Sin”; “The Greatest Verse: Ayat-ul Kursi,” and more!


BROTHERS/SISTERS ONLY SESSIONS: Yep! There are exclusive sessions just for brothers, and just for sisters. These sessions are aimed to address topics related to brothers and sisters respectively. Topics such as marriage, careers, etc. are discussed. And to top it all off: brothers have an all night basketball game and sisters have a sisters-only entertainment session!


LAST BUT NOT LEAST: An entertainment session for everyone in the family! Listen and laugh along as Muslim comedians take the stage and make the night enjoyable. You also get to listen to performances by nasheed artists!


It just doesn’t get better than this. You get an eventful, fun, exhilarating, and Iman-boosting three-day weekend! You get to interact and build sister/brotherhood with young Muslims you’ve never met. It’s a weekend of fun where you learn about Islam, and leave with the momentum to initiate Islamic activities in your own communities. So come out to the Youth Conference!

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