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Join ICNA-VIT as Ambassador in Making a Positive Difference for Humanity!

Are you passionate about using your personal and professional social accounts to create a positive impact? Join ICNAVIT Virtual Impact Team and be part of our mission to promote humanitarian work for the Muslim community in the US. Together, we can actively engage with other faith communities, interfaith organizations, fostering collaboration and creating a ripple effect of positive change across communities.

How can you Engage as ICNA VIT - Social Media Ambassador?

Through your influential presence you can inspire others to get involved in ICNA’S initiatives by utilizing your personal platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube, and more to;

1. Share and Engage: ICNA’s contents, tweets, posts, blogs, hashtags and compelling photos that showcase ICNA’s mission, programs, events, and achievements.

2. Multimedia Approach: Share video clips, images, infographics, and success stories that highlight the impact of ICNA’s work.

3. Personal Experiences: Share your experiences from attending ICNA’s family day, community service events, conventions, Eid festivals, youth development workshops, career trainings etc.

4. Calls to Action Message: Encourage your network to take action by sharing messages about donating to ICNA or supporting specific programs or initiatives.

5. Collaboration with Professional Organizations: Reach out to professional organizations and encourage them to donate to specific projects that align with both organizations’ goals.

6. Share Links: Remember to always provide the necessary links to ICNA’s website, Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, Donation page, and other social media channels.

What will you get to join as ICNA-VIT Ambassador?

Joining ICNA as an influencer offers several benefits:

1. Meaningful Collaboration on impactful projects, events, and initiatives.

2. Increased visibility for your work within the ICNA community and beyond.

3. Networking and Partnerships with like-minded individuals and organizations.

4. Access to resources, information, materials related to ICNA’s programs and initiatives.

5. Personal growth, deep understanding of Islamic principles, interfaith dialogue etc.

6. Recognition and complimentary gifts for your contributions through event invitations, newsletter and gifts of T-shirts and mugs.

Join us as an Ambassador and become part of a passionate team dedicated to making a lasting impact. If you are interested in becoming ICNA VIT – Social Media Ambassador, please sign up today and start making a difference.