Tarbiyah Department

The Tarbiyah Department provides ICNA’s membership with essential knowledge of the Quran, Sunnah, Fiqh, Arabic, Islamic history, the Islamic movement and similar subjects. It seeks to prepare ICNA’s members to live Islam through word and action and motivates them to develop their spiritual and intellectual abilities.

The department aims to develop individuals who exemplify high moral character, sound knowledge of Islamic principles, a deep understanding of Islam, and a willingness to serve their communities. To do this, the department creates a study syllabus which it provides regularly to members.

At a local and regional level, the Tarbiyah Department hosts weekly NeighborNets and tarbiyah camps for training and skill development. It also prepares audio and visual material for workshops and presentations, and guides local units in formulating regular programs.

ICNA’s numerous branches hold weekly or monthly events via its 300 NeighborNets. Many online classes and 100’s of workshops and seminars are also conducted. Successful leadership retreats are also organized in Bay Area, Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, South Florida, New York, New Jersey, Dallas, Detroit, Orlando and Los Angeles. 


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