ICNA calls upon American Muslims and those who are committed to justice around the world to stand up in solidarity for the rights of their Palestinian brothers and sisters.

As of today, more than 2800 civilians including *more than 700 children* have been killed by their Israeli military through indiscriminate bombing.

Today, while the western media and our politicians are promoting a one sided, biased perception, it is the duty of all Americans to educate ourselves with the reality of the situation. It is our duty to learn the 75-year-long history of the ongoing tyranny, barbarism and brutality towards the Palestinians in their homeland.

1) Write to your representatives and lawmakers to break the silence. Demand immediate ceasefire, halting the killings and massacre of the innocent civilians and children in Gaza. Demand accountability for those involved.


2) Hold the news agencies and media channels accountable, and write to them to put a stop to their biased and fabricated stories, such as the beheading of 40 babies by Palestinians. This information is used to gain international support for the genocide we are seeing in front of our very eyes.


3) Use your social media platforms to educate masses about the root cause of this violence. Spread the reality of the killing of more than 6000 innocent civilians, at least 1/3 of whom are children who have been killed by Israel’s indiscriminate bombing in the last 10 years.


4) Spread the dehumanizing language that Zionists have been using against the Palestinians in order to further their agenda of genocide. Palestinians have been referred to as “animals” by Israeli authorities.

5) We urge all Muslims in the US to not be intimidated by the threats of Zionists. We should participate in all rallies which are being organized by Civil Liberty and Islamic organizations.


6) We ask all members of ICNA, its divisions, and youth circles to help in organizing events and rallies, combat misinformation, and stand up against the killing and mistreatment of civilians.

7) Lastly, we want to remind everyone that regardless of the situation, there is no real power and no real authority other than the Power and Authority of Allah ﷻ.

In these times, as with all times, Muslims should turn to Allah ﷻ alone, beseeching Him for His Help, His Justice, and His power. May Allah ﷻ grant safety, security, and freedom to our brothers and sisters, and use us to benefit our Ummah.


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