Thrilled to share incredible moments from the recent ICNA conference! It was a resounding success, fostering community engagement and knowledge sharing. Let’s dive into some highlights that made it truly special.

Family Values and Gender Roles Snapshot: The conference started with the announcement of a comprehensive survey. The findings were astounding! 69% of Americans believe religion plays a crucial role in preserving family values. Even the Washington Times took notice!

Matrimonial Session: One of the most anticipated events! It attracted countless individuals seeking meaningful connections within our community. The response was overwhelming, with enthusiastic participation and a vibrant atmosphere that exemplified unity.

Diverse Speakers and Engaging Sessions: The conference featured 189 renowned experts who delivered captivating talks and facilitated 180 engaging sessions. Topics covered a wide range of interests and importance to our community. Knowledge was shared and minds were inspired!

Vibrant Bazar: The conference buzzed with a bustling Bazar, featuring 193 talented vendors showcasing their crafts and products. Attendees explored unique items, supported local businesses, and engaged in enriching cultural exchanges. It was an experience like no other!

Live Streaming and Qiyamul Layl: Accessibility was a priority! The conference offered live streaming options, allowing remote participation and benefiting from enlightening content. A special Qiyamul Layl session created a tranquil environment for night prayers and reflection.

Youth Conference: Our dynamic youth conference drew over 7000 enthusiastic participants! The involvement of our younger generation demonstrated their passion, energy, and dedication to shaping the future of our community. The future is indeed in good hands!

The convention received coverage from esteemed news outlets such as ABC News, Daily Pakistan, Turkish Media, and more. The impact extended far and wide, spreading the positive message of unity and empowerment.

If you have any questions or want to delve deeper into specific aspects of the conference, feel free to reach out. We are here to provide further information and address inquiries. Thank you for your continued support! Stay tuned for more inspiring updates from ICNA.

Together, we are building a stronger, more united community! 🤝🕌✨ #ICNACON2023