ICNA Relief: Responding to a Pandemic

As in previous years, through its numerous programs and services, ICNA Relief, has continued to provide for the greater American community and assist in the betterment and empowerment of people across the country.

Why Six Flags turning away listener for ‘Muslim Day’ wasn’t unusual

By Dan Alexander, New Jersey 101.5   A New Jersey 101.5 listener told the station this week that when he and his family went to Six Flags Great Adventure Friday with season passes, they were stopped — told it was “Muslim Day” and they’d need to pay another $10 each to enter the park.

Billboard on I-17 promotes Islam in Arizona

William Pitts, 12 News, July 7, 2015 Members of the Islamic community are hoping billboards placed along Interstate 17 will spread what they call the true nature of the Muslim faith. The billboards are near the Islamic Cultural Center of Phoenix and advertise a free Quran, as well as a phone number and website to […]

Fighting Islamophobia by showing Islam's real message

By Zohaib   To mend the tarnished image of Islam in the U.S., an Islamic NGO has devised a billboard-based campaign. People of Sacramento, California recently found a series of unusual billboards in several areas of their city. Addressing the troubled, the text on the board asked: “Looking for the answers in life?” before providing […]

ICNA Relief Distributes Meat at 40 Locations Nationwide

  This year ICNA Relief saw a 66 percent increase in Udhiyah (sacrificial meat) donations that enabled them to provide for a greater number of people, including a large number of refugee families from Somalia, Burma, Syria, and Eritrea. They distributed thousands of pounds of meat in 40 locations throughout the country.

Changing religious landscape: Increase in Muslim Latinos

  Thursday, November 14, 2013   By ELISA CORDOVA, Cronkite News Service   TEMPE — Chris Cruz was born and raised Roman Catholic but converted to Islam in large part because of its call for a healthier lifestyle, including a prohibition on drinking.

Attacking Shariah, Attacking Religious Freedom

  By Dr. Zahid Bukhari | August 14, 2012   This is the season of Ramadan, one of the holiest times of the year for practicing Muslims. For one month, we fast from dawn until dusk, increase our charity work and deepen our faith through the Quran.


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