Abul Ala al-Moududi

25 September 1903 – 22 September 1979

Syed Maududi is not just the name of one Person. It is a mindset, approach, bravery, intellect, and a message of hope and light. Both Western and South Asian historians have described him as one of the most potent Islamic ideologues of the 20th century, whose ideas and writings went on to influence a vast number of Islamic movements in the world. Syed Maududi was able to do so much due to a few universal principles:

Critical Lessons from his Life:

He was a Focused person, and he knew his Road Map. He was well aware of the distractions of his time. He knew that he had minimal time and resources to achieve this monumental goal in front of him.

He was a brave and fearless man who dared to think outside the box and challenge the status quo and all the obstacles between Humans and God Almighty. This Quality of Syedi had given him the courage to write the books like Khilafat o Malukiyat, and courage to take a stand and put his life on the line for Khatam E Naboat (Protection of the Finality of Prophet Mohammed as Last Messenger of Allah SWT), also confronting Munkreen Hadeeth, through his powerful writing like “Sunnat Ki Ayni Haysiat”.

He was a man of vision, focus, and his foresightedness was not just limited to the audiences of his time but to future generations to come. He understood that history has proven that sometimes people have a better understanding of what is said today.

Another quality of a true leader is knowing his time’s challenges, language, psyche, and potential. Having a hand on the pulse of society. Syedi had a complete understanding of his time and challenges as the Ummah was facing colonization and a slave mentality.

Another quality we expect from everyone who is doing work of Allah SWT is sincerity, Ikhlas, which brings Barakah into the effort. Allah SWT has granted such a splendid acceptance of the work of Moulana that its impact can be seen worldwide. The impact of his writings is also visible in all of the revivalist movements of Islam across the world. It is mind-blowing that One Man has not only written Tafseer of Quran and many books but was able to raise an Islamic Movement, his movement is not just a Jamaat, group of few brothers, but it is a movement that happens once in hundreds of years.

–  Dr. Shahif Rafiq

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