NEW YORK, NY (Feb. 24, 2019) – Today one of the most senior leaders of ICNA, Syed Ameenuddin Hussaini passed away in New York. He was 90.

Born in Warangal which was in then independent State of Hyderabad, Hussaini got active with the Indian Islamic Movement since he was in Grade 8 and formally joined it in 1950.
However he migrated to Pakistan in 1952 after the Hyderabad State was acceded to India after the Indian Police Action. He lived in Nawabshah, Sindh where he led the local Islamic movement. He was a close friend of Maluana Mohammad Musaheb Ali, a renowned Islamic leader of Sindh.
He graduated from Karachi University in Master of Arts. But later got active in the various labor movements in Pakistan. He became the General Secretary of the Pakistan Oil & Gas Employees Federation and a founding member of the National Labor Federation. He was also a member of several unions including the National Labor Front, Karachi Development Authority Unions and most prominently the Pakistan International Airlines Corporation Employees Union (PIACEU). He published a book “The Untold Story of PIACEU”. He also published a book “Prophet Muhammad (s) as a Laborer”.
He eventually moved to the UK in 1971 where he worked with the UK Islamic Mission managing the department of Book Services. He later moved to New York, United States in 1976 about the same time as his younger brother Qamaruddin Hussaini, an ICNA Member of the General Assembly and the late ICNA leader Shamim Siddiqi. Although he became a member of the ICNA General Assembly in 1990, he always considered his duty to provide his feedback and guidance to ICNA leadership at various moments in history.
He was a patron for over 150 members spanning four generations of the Hussaini family that included his five brothers and their families. He was considered a mentor of his brothers including Qamaruddin Hussaini and Amrullah Hussaini. Most of the Hussaini family members are active in ICNA.

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