NEW YORK, NY (July 10, 2020) – The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) remembers and commemorates the 25-year anniversary of the Srebrenica Genocide1 that occurred in Bosnia and Herzegovina during July 11-22, 1995.

As the Bosnian war was concluding, the Serbian forces overran the UN Safe zones of Srebrenica and Zepa and systematically murdered more than 8000 men and boys including babies and the elderly. It was the biggest killing in Europe since the Holocaust.
ICNA reminds the world of what happened in Srebrenica, and how our United States government stepped in and stopped the war in Bosnia, after the European countries and the United Nations failed or were unwilling to do so.
ICNA was the initiator of advocacy for Bosnia and instrumental in forming the Bosnia Task Force which contributed to a major policy shift of the US Government that was directly responsible for stopping the bloodshed and preventing further human suffering. Bosnia Task Force organized rallies in New York in front of UN, and in Washington, D.C. It also organized a visit to UN Security Council members by a delegation of Muslim Leadership that included boxing champion Muhammad Ali. ICNA urges the American Muslim community to learn from the ground-breaking accomplishments of Bosnia Task Force and use it as a template for other ongoing international conflicts.
Today we are also aware6 of the efforts by the Serbian government and others, to deny7 the Srebrenica Genocide as a one-time act of violence or massacre, rather than the intentional systematic murder of Bosnian Muslims.
We invite all people of conscience to remember8 the Srebrenica Genocide with their families and also to visit its memorial in Potočari in Bosnia and Herzegovina whenever possible. The Bosnian genocide and the mass murder of Muslims there is a piece of our history, that we should never allow to be forgotten, and we pray that it never happens again anywhere, be it Kashmir, India, Palestine, China or Burma.
Remembering Bosnia: 25 Years After a webinar by ICNA featuring the survivors of the Srebrenica Genocide:
Listen to first hand accounts of the biggest crime in Europe since the Holocaust of WWII. Also learn about the U.S. Muslim advocacy efforts through Bosnia Task Force.

Book by Kadir Habibović, Survivor & witness.

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