(September 8, 2020) A global pandemic with hundreds of thousands dead, mass protests with innocent people killed on the streets, natural disasters from all sides, and the largest recession in almost a century with millions left unemployed.

Sounds like a scene from an apocalyptic movie, but this is America in 2020. For once, reality is more unbelievable than the movies. Facing loss, pain, and uncertainty, so many of us are confused about what direction to take when planning for a future that looks unlike anything we’ve ever known.
Allah (God Almighty), asks us in the Quran to ask for His help in finding direction “Guide me to the straight path.” (1:6), He then also provides us with direction where He says “this is My path, which is straight, so follow it”(6:153). Allah, through Islam, has provided us with a set of tools that helps us fortify ourselves moving into an uncertain future.
Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) brings you the 2020 Dawah conference – “Islam: The Solution in Times of Confusion” where world-renowned speakers will highlight how Islam presents solutions for issues facing us, and more importantly how we can equip ourselves to stand strong in times of confusion.
For more information on the conference, please visit: https://dawah.icna.org/conference


  • Javaid Siddiqi, President, ICNA
  • Imam Siraj Wahhaj, Imam of America
  • Sh. Omar Suleiman, Founder, Yaqeen Institute
  • Ustadah Ieasha Prime, Educator and Activist
  • Hamza Tzortzis, iERA, Sapience Institute
  • Yusha Evans, International Dawah Specialist
  • Nahela Morales, Embrace Reverts Network
  • Dr. Sabeel Ahmed, GainPeace Dawah Project
  • Imam Gamal Fouda, Christchurch, New Zealand
  • Imam Jawad Ahmed, WhyIslam Dawah Project
  • Mohammed Hijab, Podcaster, Public speaker (UK)
  • Kamal Saleh, Spoken Word, Talk Islam
  • Dr. Jonathan Brown, Georgetown University
  • Imam Shabir Ally, Dawah Pioneer in the West
  • Ali Dawah, Activist, YouTuber (UK)
  • Dr. Craig Considine, Rice University
  • Dr. Suzy Ismail, Founder, Cornerstone
  • Noor, Mindful Muslimah Podcast
  • Imam Wesley Lebron, WhyIslam Spanish Dept.
  • Fahad Tasleem, iERA USA
  • Imam Ahmad Maeno, Tokyo, Japan
  • Prof Mostafa Hijazi, WhyIslam Field Dawah
  • Eddie Redzovic, Host of Deen Show
  • Kashmir Maryam, Spoken Word, Strangers
  • Prof Mohammad Shareef, Black Dawah Network
  • Imam Rafiq Mahdi, ICNA Relief
  • Imam Gyasi McKinzie, Helping Hand, Embrace
  • Imam Khalid Griggs, Message Magazine, ICNA
  • Aishah Alam, Spoken Word, Strangers

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