Issued on: 4/6/2023

ICNA joins the rest of the world in their condemnations following the recent violence and
attacks on Palestinians by Israeli security forces during this holy Month of Ramadhan. It is a
despicable and cowardly act of violence that has caused harm and fear to innocent
worshippers. It is reported that Israeli police carried out this raid which resulted in least 12
Palestinians injured and around 400 innocent Palestinians arrested and are still in Israeli

This seems to be a yearly onslaught of Israeli forces to Palestinian Muslims during the holiest
time of the year and at Islam’s third holiest site. This act of brutality without any provocation is
in total violation of international laws. So once again, Israel shows a total disregard for any
international law.

Places of worship should be respected and protected as they represent a sacred space for
people of different faiths to practice their religion in peace. Such violent acts are unacceptable
and go against the values of compassion, tolerance, and respect for human life and values that
we should all uphold. For this reason, we Muslims have condemned when synagogues are
desecrated or Jews killed in their places of worship.

ICNA calls on the government of the USA and the UN to bring the Netanyahu’s government to
accountability the same way they bring Putin to accountability for waging a war with Ukraine.
They cannot raise their voices when civilians are killed in Ukraine and remain absolutely silent
and blinded to the atrocities of the Palestinian people that have been going on for years. There
is only one word that describes that and it is: hypocrisy!

In this Blessed Month of Ramadhan, we ask Allah SWT for His help against the Israeli brutality.
We stand in solidarity with our Palestinian brothers and sisters and we say: Free Free Palestine!
Independent Palestine!

(Photo Credit: Reuters)

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