ICNA denounces insults against Prophet Muhammad PBUH

by Mody’s party BJP officials


ICNA strongly condemns and joins with the rest of the world in condemning blasphemous disrespectful comments about Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) by two topmost members of the Indian ruling Mody’s party BJP.

  While this blasphemy exposes their utter ignorance of the greatest human being that walked on the face of the earth, it shows the length that members of the ruling Mody’s party BJP can go with their hatred. This is not the first time they have hurled insults at Islam or Muslims. The Mody’s party BJP who is the front of the Hindu extremist Hindutva ideology, has done everything in their power to suppress Islam and Muslims.

 The Mody’s party BJP tried to whitewash this blasphemy by saying Sharma was a “fringe element” and that “her views are contrary to the party’s position”. But she is an official spokesperson of the party, tasked with representing the Mody’s party BJP’s views. Then what is their view?

 The recent ban of Hijab, the brink of a genocide, the forceful annexation of Kashmir, the destruction of Mosques, lynching of Muslims and systematic eradication of Muslims from India are some of the few manifestations of their views of Islam and Muslims. Now this blasphemy of The Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him); a person held dear by almost 2 billion Muslims in every nook and corner of this globe and who is even highly respected by people of conscience and integrity. Is this their manifestation of tolerance?

In fact, this is war against every Muslim who says the maxim of faith:

No one is worthy of worship but Allah and Muhammad (Peace be upon him) is His Final Messenger. In Muslim household this maxim is sounded in our call to prayers or the Adhan and is repeated over 30 billion times daily.

For Muslims, believing in him, respecting him is an integral part of faith. Those who try to openly blaspheme him will face the anger and condemnation of these 2 billion lovers of the final Messenger of God to humanity, Muhammad (peace be upon him).

ICNA calls for the whole mindset of Hindu extremist to stop now! Genocide must stop now! Live and let others live! Muslims and other minorities must be free to worship in India!

ICNA also calls on all leaders of the free world to condemn such blasphemy and bring India to accountability.

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