ICNA Dawah Department today announced the launch of a National Dawah Academy

This initiative seeks to consolidate dawah courses offered by WhyIslam and GainPeace projects. The academy will also be collaborating with AskAMuslim for the spring semester. The goal of the academy is to empower and educate the wider Muslim community in the field of Dawah, to non-Muslims.

The classes will begin during the Spring Semester on January 18th and end before the month of Ramadan on April 9th.

The courses offered this semester are (1) Intro to Dawah Methodologies (2) Fiqh of Dawah and (3) Intro to Comparative Religion.

All courses are available online using a state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS) platform. Each course has a registration fee of $50. It will be refunded if you attend 80% of classes and complete the course work. Thus the course will come at no cost to the students.

After completion and passing of all 15 courses, the students will acquire a Diploma in Field Dawah Studies.

The three levels in the Diploma program will each grant certification as well: (1) Certified Field Dawah Associate (CFDA) certificate, (2) Certified Field Da’ee (CFD) certificate, and (3) Certified Field Dawah Lead (CFDL) certificate. Each level will comprise 5 courses.

To register visit icna.org/academy

Also lookout for the Open House on Friday, January 1st from 7 PM-9 PM. Instructors will be available to answer any questions from prospective students on programs, courses, and the academy.

Click here to register for the open house.

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