(WASHINGTON D.C., Feb. 8, 2019) ICNA Interfaith issued the following statement on the occasion of the joint statement by Pope Francis and Mufti El-Taeb:

“The American Muslim Community is delighted that Pope Francis and the Grand Mufti of Azhar Ahmed el-Tayeb issued a joint statement showing a way forward towards peace and love for humanity and a more stable world.
We have acknowledged that wars did not achieve anything more than destruction to humanity and suffering to the most vulnerable in the society.
We must make a strong resolve that mankind can no longer live in past conflicts. We can dialogue and sort out our differences. We have come a far way technologically and scientifically. If anything at all, these should be tools that take us all closer to The Creator not further away from Him and His Divine Guidance.
This joint statement is a breath of fresh air that hopefully, if followed upon, can bring back human dignity. Yes we will have conflicts but they can be resolved with words not with bombs and bullets, not by incarceration or genocide, not by torture and killing. We call on all of our Imaams and leaders to preach this message of conciliation and let us get back on track what God really wants us to do: To save humanity, not destroy it. To invite in His Name, not kill in His Name.”

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