NEW YORK, NY (May 16, 2019) – The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) is happy to invite you to a free webinar entitled “Ramadan: Half Time Reflections” by Dr. Kia Jahed this Sunday 6 PM (EST).

We are almost at the halfway point in Ramadan. It is time to evaluate our Ramadan resolutions. If you are falling behind then this webinar is an opportunity to motivate yourself to re-energize and catch up in the remaining time this Ramadan.
ICNA invites you to join this webinar with the intention of reform. “Let us struggle for the sake of Allah day after day and work hard to keep our gates to Paradise wide open even after Ramadan. Let us maximize this chance to influence our everyday lives, and eventually our Hereafter. Ameen.
“Ramadan: Half Time Reflections”: A Free Webinar this Sunday at 6 pm (EST). Click here to register.
About the Presenter
Dr. Kia Jahed is a former collegiate basketball player, personal trainer, biomedical engineering researcher, and currently a physician practicing Musculoskeletal Radiology and Interventions. After converting to Islam in high school, he has been passionate about Islamic Studies and holistic interpretations of scripture, especially as they bear relevance to modern times. He has been to Egypt and Syria, as well as various places in America for traditional and contemporary approaches to Arabic and Islamic studies with world renowned scholars, and to Turkey and Greece for comparative religion studies. He’s been an active khateeb, lecturer and community activist.

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