June 2, 2022
Contact: Umer Beig
Media Liaison

First ICNA Convention after Covid-19

The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) has held a very successful convention over the Memorial Weekend from Saturday May 28th through Monday May 30th, 2022 at the Baltimore Convention Center. The theme of this year’s convention was Building a Just Society: The Mission Continues. This is the first time ICNA has resumed its annual in-person convention after cancelling it for the two previous years; 2020 and 2021, bearing in mind that safety is the topmost priority in such large gatherings.

The large turnout at the Baltimore Convention Center is a testimony of people’s anxiety to get back to normal and to meet in person with friends and families after two long years of agonizing Covid-19. It should be noted that both 2020 and 2021 conventions were done online on a much lesser scale and of course far less excitement.

But nothing could be more satisfying than being in the company of the 21,000 attendees from as far away as Norway to Down Under; Australia. Speakers numbering 196 were from diverse backgrounds addressing 169 topics with 398 lectures ranging from spiritual, social, inspirational stories, matrimonial services, current affairs and relief work. There was even a full session for poetry, Nasheeds (Muslim songs) and spoken word and not to mention a cooking competition.

In addition to lectures, there were 535 booths in the bazaar where one can buy from toys to clothing, scented oils, food and more. Kids had lots of fun on rides and games while teenagers had 75 basketball teams vying for the coveted trophy.

The highlight of the convention was its keynote session where the acronym UMMAH was explained in details as the path of ICNA; Understanding Islam, Mutual consultation, Moderation, Attachment to The Creator and Helping Humanity.

In the end it was very much liked by all and everyone looks forward next year for a bigger and better convention. For further information please go online at


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